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codi.vim - :notebook_with_decorative_cover: The interactive scratchpad for hackers.

  •    Vim

The interactive scratchpad for hackers. Note: without async support, evaluation will trigger on cursor hold rather than text change.

MeiliSearch - Ultra relevant, instant and typo-tolerant full-text search API

  •    Rust

MeiliSearch is a powerful, fast, open-source, easy to use, and deploy search engine. The search and indexation are fully customizable and handles features like typo-tolerance, filters, and synonyms. It features include Search as-you-type experience, Full text search, Supports Synonym, Highly customizable, RESTfull API and lot more.

vue-instant - (UNMAINTAINED) vue instant allows you to easily create custom search controls with auto suggestions for your vue 2 applications

  •    Vue

vue instant allows you to easily create custom search controls with auto suggestions for your vue 2 applications. If you need a example using webpack see the example folder.

meilisearch-js - Javascript client for the MeiliSearch API

  •    TypeScript

MeiliSearch JavaScript is the MeiliSearch API client for JavaScript developers. See our Documentation or our API References.

instant-fileserver - An instant file server from your command line

  •    Javascript

instant file server (ifs) turns any directory into an instant file server, and it runs directly from your command line. Install it once per machine and then run it in as many directories as you'd like. instant-server can be installed via Node Package Manager.

preload-img - Preload an image on a webpage

  •    Javascript

If you know you'll need to load an image later, you can preload it upfront (when your web app loads) to make sure that it loads instantly later.Works best when the image has far-future HTTP cache headers set.

skeleton-loader - Loader module for webpack to execute your custom procedure

  •    Javascript

Loader module for webpack to execute your custom procedure. It works as your custom loader. By default, skeleton-loader only outputs the input content. When you specify a function, skeleton-loader executes your function with the input content, and outputs its result. The function does something, it might edit the content, it might parse the content and indicate something in a console, it might do anything else.

CryptoNode - An encrypted Chat server/client written in Node

  •    Javascript

This project contains the start of an encrypted chat program written in Node.js and Html5. The application is designed using AES-256 to encrypt the data being sent over the wire. The actuall encryption key used for the AES encryption is never sent over the wire and the server has no knowledge or record of the information being transmitted. This key is generated off a user supplied password and generated salt, which is put through pbkdf2 for 1000 iterations. This is in no way a finished product however it is the beginning of one please let me know of any glaring issues or features you would like added or removed. The idea of the project is to build a lightweight server/client platform that can be run and utilized on almost an hardware and software combination. To give people the opportunity to have their own encrypted chat networks for whatever it is they want to talk about. Privacy is a human right and extends to everyone in this world, and as such people should have access to a free way to ensure that right is upheald.

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