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private-parts - A simple and intuitive way to shim private methods and properties in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

The Private Parts module provides a simple and intuitive way to shim private methods and properties in JavaScript. It's small, easy to use, requires minimal setup, and works in both node and the browser. For more information on how Private Parts works and the problems it solves, see my article introducing it.

bindle - A lightweight EventEmitter-like API for JavaScript classes, best suited for games.

  •    Javascript

Bindle is an EventEmitter for JavaScript "classes". It's most suitable as the base of an entity/component system - not to be used directly, but the little ~1-2kB of functionality you need to build upon.Which is fine when you're only dealing with small scenes, but if your instantiating large numbers of emitters in a short time frame you may need to be conservative. Even if you're careful to reuse listener functions, each one still has to store an index of events unique to that emitter.

bind-methods - Bind all methods in an object to itself or a specified context

  •    Javascript

Bind methods in input to itself or context if specified. Returns the input object.Object with methods to bind.

auto-bind - Automatically bind methods to their class instance

  •    Javascript

Bind methods in self to their class instance. Returns the self object.Object with methods to bind.

funstance - make an instance callable like a function

  •    Javascript

Note that .on() is defined all the way in EventEmitter, which is 3 times removed up the prototype chain from fobj, yet fobj.on() still works despite being a function.Return a function with all the properties and prototypical methods as obj. When fobj() is called, fn() will fire with the arguments and this set to the obj.

node-function-class - Easy `Function` subclasses

  •    Javascript

Creates a function instance with specified name and length and prototype. Essentially, it's everything that you need to subclass the ECMAscript Function built-in type.You use the function-class/invoke Symbol to define the logic that will be executed when the created function instance is invoked.

monogamous - boot single-instance application

  •    Javascript

Only one instance of an app at a time. NOTE: If you are using this for Electron, you should know that this feature was added as an option. See here and here.

configly - A developer-friendly lightweight replacement for the `config` module that works with custom config directory and pluggable parsers

  •    Javascript

A developer-friendly lightweight replacement for the config module that works with custom config directory and pluggable parsers. Notice of change of ownership: Starting version 3.0.0 this package has changed it's owner and goals. The old version (2.0.3) is still available on npm via npm install configly@2.0.3 and on github.com/ksmithut/configly. Thank you.

bash-my-aws - Bash functions for managing AWS resources simply and easily

  •    Shell

bash-my-aws assists Infrastructure Jockeys using Amazon Web Services from the command line. This project provides short, memorable commands for realtime control of resources in Amazon AWS. The goal is to reduce the time between intention and effect.

predicate - Adding clarity and conciseness to your JS through predicates

  •    Javascript

predicate.js is a predicate library for JavaScript. predicate doesn't have any dependencies which makes it easy to integrate into new and existing projects. npm run build.

AWSAutomatedDailyInstanceAMISnapshots - A serverless application to backup instances daily and rotate their AMIs after a certain number of days

  •    Python

Now go tag your instances (manually, or automatically if you have an automated infrastructure like Terraform or CloudFormation) with the Key "Backup" (with any value) which will trigger this script to back that instance up. If you'd like to specify the number of days to retain backups, set the key "Retention" with a numeric value. If you do not specify this, by default keeps the AMIs for 7 days.

instance - FXServer Instance

  •    Lua

This program Is free software: you can redistribute it And/Or modify it under the terms Of the GNU General Public License As published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 Of the License, Or (at your option) any later version. This program Is distributed In the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty Of MERCHANTABILITY Or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License For more details.

single-module-instance-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin that forces require to return same instance of module regardless the place where import occurs

  •    Javascript

At runtime webpacked module can be initialized more than once which is expected behavior for Node. Nevertheless this behavior hurts a lot if you are used to RequireJS and even may introduce unexpected singleton collisions. SingleModuleInstanceWebpackPlugin plugin along with DedupePlugin would force require to serve only one instance of each requested module.

terraform-aws-ec2-instance - Terraform Module for providing a general EC2 instance provisioned by Ansible

  •    HCL

Terraform Module for provisioning a general purpose EC2 host. This project is part of our comprehensive "SweetOps" approach towards DevOps.