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point-in-polygon - determine if a point is inside a polygon

  •    Javascript

Determine if a point is inside of a polygon.This module casts a ray from the inquiry point and counts intersections, based on this algorithm.

box-collide - return whether two boxes or points are colliding in 2d

  •    Javascript

Return a boolean colliding indicating whether a and b overlap.x and y indicate the top left corner of the box or point.

turf-inside - Checks to see if a point is inside of a polygon.

  •    Javascript

Takes a Point and a Polygon or MultiPolygon and determines if the point resides inside the polygon. The polygon can be convex or concave. The function accounts for holes.Requires nodejs.

path-is-inside - Tests whether one path is inside another path

  •    Javascript

It turns out this question isn't trivial to answer using Node's built-in path APIs. A naive indexOf-based solution will fail sometimes on Windows, which is case-insensitive (see e.g. isaacs/npm#4214). You might then think to be clever with path.resolve, but you have to be careful to account for situations whether the paths have different drive letters, or else you'll cause bugs like isaacs/npm#4313. And let's not even get started on trailing slashes. The path-is-inside package will give you a robust, cross-platform way of detecting whether a given path is inside another path.

point-in-triangle - returns true if a 2D point is inside a triangle

  •    Javascript

Test whether a point is inside a triangle, using barycentric coordinates and this algorithm from BlackPawn. Returns true if the point [x, y] is inside the triangle [ [x1,y1], [x2,y2], [x3,y3] ], false otherwise.

vue-element-loading - ⏳ Loading inside a container or full screen for Vue.js

  •    Vue

See full document here. If you like this project, You can support me with starring ⭐ this repository.

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