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autoNumeric - autoNumeric is a standalone library that provides live as-you-type formatting for international numbers and currencies

  •    Javascript

autoNumeric is a standalone Javascript library that provides live as-you-type formatting for international numbers and currencies.The latest stable branch is always on master. Currently this is version 4.*. if you want to live dangerously, you can check out the latest development version in the next branch. For older stable versions, please take a look here. Alternatively, you can use our guide for upgrading from version 1.9/2 to version 4. Moreover, you can take a look at what could be the next features coming to autoNumeric on our project page (feel free to participate!).

Inputmask - Input Mask plugin

  •    Javascript

Inputmask is a javascript library which creates an input mask. Inputmask can run against vanilla javascript, jQuery and jqlite. An inputmask helps the user with the input by ensuring a predefined format. This can be useful for dates, numerics, phone numbers, ...

imaskjs - vanilla javascript input mask

  •    Javascript

vanilla javascript input mask

react-maskedinput - Masked <input/> React component

  •    Javascript

A React component for <input> masking, built on top of inputmask-core. The browser bundle exposes a global MaskedInput variable and expects to find a global React variable to work with.

vue-masked-input - Masked input component for Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Dead simple masked input component for Vue.js 2.X. Based on inputmask-core.

inputmask-core - Standalone input mask implementation, independent of any GUI

  •    Javascript

A standalone input mask implementation, which is independent of any GUI. InputMask encapsulates editing operations on a string which must conform to a fixed-width pattern defining editable positions and the types of characters they may contain, plus optional static characters which may not be edited.

maskfy - Simple, No Dependences, Mobile Compatibility, IE Compatibility Only 1kb (gzip) = ♥

  •    HTML

A Javascript library without a dependency of jQuery, Zepto, and etc ... Very simple to install and use. With only 1kb (gzip) code, it's also well accepted on mobile devices

vue-inputmask - Vue.js directive to add inputmask library to your inputs (vanilla javascript).

  •    Javascript

Vue.js directive to add a mask to your inputs (vanilla javascript). This library is licensed under MIT License.

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