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svgexport - SVG to PNG/JPEG command-line tool and Node.js module

  •    Javascript

svgexport is a Node.js module and command-line tool for exporting SVG files to PNG and JPEG, it uses PhantomJS for rendering SVG files. datafile can be an object, an array of objects or a JSON file path, see command line usage for its format.

inkscape-open-symbols - Open source SVG symbol sets that can be used as Inkscape symbols

  •    Python

Inkscape 0.91 includes just five example libraries: Logic Symbols, AIGA/DOT Transportation Symbols, Map Symbols, Flow Chart Shapes, and Word Balloons (made by Martin Owens and Tavmjong Bah).

Inkscape 9-patch extension


This is an extension to Inkscape that makes it easier to create bitmap resources for Android apps at multiple resolutions and in nine-patch format.

path-illustrator - a simple client for illustrating vector paths

  •    Javascript

Work in progress. A client interface for drawing lines, curves and shapes with familiar Photoshop tools and keybaord shortcuts.The end goals for the project described here.

inkmake - Makefile inspired export from SVG files using Inkscape as backend with some added smartness

  •    Ruby

Makefile inspired export from SVG files using Inkscape as backend with some added smartness. If you're tired of clicking "Export Bitmap…" in Inkscape or you want to automate the process of batch exporting bitmaps or other formats from SVG files then inkmake might be something for you.

inkslides - A rewrite of the inkscapeslide script to create PDF presentations out of inkscape SVG files

  •    Python

inkslides generates a PDF presentation out of an inkscape SVG document. The order of slides and visibility of content is determined by the layer structure of the SVG. This would result in a PDF with the following slides, where each line contains the visible layers on one page.

inkscape_onionskin - Several plugins for Inkscape to ease creation of animations

  •    Python

Place the files as indicated below within your Inkscape extensions directory, then reload Inkscape. You should see new options in the menu: Extensions > Animation > ... Copy the files shown under Requirements, then copy files for the plugins you want to activate, as shown below.

node-inkscape - The inkscape utility as a readable/writable stream

  •    Javascript

The inkscape command line utility as a readable/writable stream. This is handy for situations where you don't want to worry about writing the input to disc and reading the output afterwards. 3-clause BSD license -- see the LICENSE file for details.

gimp-palettes - RGB color palettes for Gimp

  •    Python

A collection of RGB color palettes for use in GIMP (but also Drawpile, Inkscape, Krita, MyPaint or any other tool). You can preview all these palettes directly in the browser.

export_icons - Inkscape Icon Export Script for Mobile Apps

  •    Shell

export_icons is an icon export tool using Inkscape for mobile applications(Android/iOS). You can also use this tool from Docker.

material-design-colors - Palette for Android Material Design colors.

  •    Go

Palette for Material Design Colors. Google provides palette files for Photoshop and Illsutrator, and this project provides files for GIMP and Inkscape(.gpl). Locate Material.gpl file to Inkscape/GIMP palette directory.

elsie - Python framework for making slides

  •    Python

Elsie is based on experience with my previous project https://github.com/spirali/elphie/. It is a complete rewrite while making it more flexible by directly exposing boxes.

rethinkscape-gtk3 - A Inkscape UI mockup proposal based on gnome GTK3 interface design team


Inkscape is a powerful tool. Born in 2003 and developed has been actively since then, but it never had an actual UX and design work behind. Lots of new, amazing features have been added in every version of the software. Most of its features have been added piece-meal over the years with out much thought about consistency. For many designers (non Inkscape users) it seems to be unstable, not proffesional, inmature and with a lack of features compared to its propietary competition. The reason: its usability and design.

turpenscape - Turpenscape allows designers to create Inkscape (and Gimp!) palettes from an image or an URL

  •    CSS

Turpenscape allows designers to create Inkscape (and Gimp!) palettes from an image. It will extract the most prominent colors of the uploaded image and will return a palette file GPL that can be read by inkscape. Turpenscape can be very useful to create palettes from images. Designers, looking for inspiration, use images from paintings or photographs to find the colors that fit into their design.

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