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proxyquire - 🔮 Proxies nodejs require in order to allow overriding dependencies during testing.

  •    Javascript

Proxies nodejs's require in order to make overriding dependencies during testing easy while staying totally unobtrusive. If you want to stub dependencies for your client side modules, try proxyquireify, a proxyquire for browserify v2 or proxyquire-universal to test in both Node and the browser.

gulp-inject - A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp

  •    Javascript

I don't have enough time to maintain this plugin as I would want to, so I'm looking for people who want to help out and be contributors/repository admins. Contact me! See package.json for contact information.

wiredep - Wire Bower dependencies to your source code.

  •    Javascript

Wire Bower dependencies to your source code. Installing a Bower package with --save will add the package as a dependency in your project's bower.json file. This library reads that file, then reads the bower.json files for each of those dependencies. Based on these connections, it determines the order your scripts must be included before injecting them between placeholders in your source code.

react-stripe-checkout - Load stripe's checkout

  •    Javascript

Stripe's Checkout makes it almost too easy to take people's money. This should make it even easier if you're building a react application. Requires babel for compiling. If anyone is having issues with that, open an issue and I'll do my best to better document the build process.

inject-loader - 💉👾 A Webpack loader for injecting code into modules via their dependencies.

  •    Javascript

This is particularly useful for writing tests where mocking things inside your module-under-test is sometimes necessary before execution. inject-loader was inspired by, and builds upon ideas introduced in jauco/webpack-injectable.



This project allows a developer to specify injectors that will run on an assembly to modify its contents. The code uses the CCI assembly to do the heavy lifting.

mock-require - Simple, intuitive mocking of Node.js modules.

  •    Javascript

mock-require is useful if you want to mock require statements in Node.js. I wrote it because I wanted something with a straight-forward API that would let me mock anything, from a single exported function to a standard library. The module you that you want to mock. This is the same string you would pass in if you wanted to require the module.

reload-css - Reloads all style sheets in the page associated with a URL

  •    Javascript

This module reloads all style sheets associated with a specified url. This is primarily useful for LiveReload servers that wish to update style sheets without triggering a full page refresh.If you omit the url argument, all style sheets will be cache busted.

style-inject - Inject style tag to document head.

  •    Javascript

Inject style tag to document head.Insert style tag to specific position of head element.

remark-contributors - remark plugin to inject a given list of contributors into a table in a markdown file

  •    Javascript

remark plugin to inject a given list of contributors into a table in a markdown file.By default this package searches for the contributors field in your project's package.json.

svg-inject - Replace an `<img>` element with an inline SVG.

  •    Javascript

Replace the <img> element with an SVG, calling callback(err, svg) when complete.MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

import-modify - Modify the source of an imported module

  •    Javascript

Same as you would use in require().Function where you modify the source and return the new one.

insert-css - insert a string of css into the <head>

  •    Javascript

Insert some CSS into the page.opts.container - Which HTMLElement to use as the base mounting point, defaults to document.querySelector('head').

node-infuse - Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

  •    Javascript

Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption. Infuse bundles up your node JavaScript files by following the require("moduleName") statements in your source file(s), and then bundles it all up, and uglifies (minimizes) it into one JavaScript file.

light-my-request - Fake HTTP injection library

  •    Javascript

Injects a fake HTTP request/response into a node HTTP server for simulating server logic, writing tests, or debugging. Does not use a socket connection so can be run against an inactive server (server not in listen mode). Note how server.listen is never called.

rewiremock - The right way to mock dependencies in Node.js or webpack environment.

  •    Javascript

Rewiremock is a your favorite library. The better version of it. For mocha, ava, karma, and anything not-jest. By its nature rewiremock has same behavior as Mockery. But it can behave like others too. It covers any case. It is the right way to mock your dependencies or perform dependency injection.

grunt-inject - Grunt task for injecting scripts during development

  •    Javascript

Grunt task to inject scripts during development. Great for use with LiveReload via grunt-contrib-watch, web inspector remote via grunt-weinre, and Dev Tools snippets. Check out the sample script below. The path of the script(s) to be injected into the page.

inject-lr-script - inject live reload into HTML content

  •    Javascript

Inject the LiveReload script snippet into a HTML response. This detects .htm and .html and ensures they have text/html accept headers, if not yet set.

secret-event-listener - Add an event listener without causing any side effects

  •    Javascript

Add an event listener without causing any side effects. Adding an event listener to an emitter object will normally trigger certain side effects. E.g. the newListener event will be emitted for every new listener added. A MaxListenersExceededWarning process warning will be emitted if the emitter reaches is maximum listener count. Or a readable stream will enter flowing mode if a data listener is added.

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