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quorum-tools - Quorum DevOps

  •    Shell

The design of this operations is aimed to perform most (if not all) activities from a single console, avoiding the need for the administrator of logging in in different machines.

infura-go - INFURA api client written in golang

  •    Go

NOTE: Be careful many api calls will be restricted. infura-go is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

chainlink-mix - Working with smart contracts with eth-brownie, python, and Chainlink.

  •    Solidity

NOTE: This has been recently updated for better compatibility with local blockchains. Check out the scripts to learn more. This is a repo to work with and use Chainlink smart contracts in a python environment. If you're brand new to Chainlink, check out the beginner walkthroughs in remix to learn the basics.

elara - Elara provides the tools and infrastructure that allow developers to easily take their blockchain application from testing to scaled deployment

  •    Javascript

In Polkadot, Kusama and other parachains, RPC is the interface between DApp and the network. As the Polkadot network continues to expand, more and more parachains will be online, and more and more parachains will support smart contract functions. Faced with more and more parallel chains, developers need to build and maintain multiple blockchain nodes in order to interact with them, which will be a huge development cost for them. Whether it is facing the development and testing needs of developers or users' online DApp usage requirements, a convenient, fast and stable network access is one of the necessary conditions, and it is also the infrastructure of the Polkadot ecosystem. Elara is inspired by Infura from the Ethereum ecosystem, named after Jupiter’s seventh moon. Elara's goal is to build a similar infrastructure and network public access services to provide developers with a unified access layer based on Substrate multi-chain. In addition, Elara will be used as part of the smart contract development service, and will be integrated with other components of the Patract toolchain in the future, in terms of contract development environment support, development tools component, contract deployment and DApp release. Elara will be Polkadot’s infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on building upper-level applications.

ipfs-pinner - A toolkit helps upload files to IPFS pinning services.

  •    Go

ipfs-pinner is a toolkit to help upload files or specific content id to IPFS pinning services. Infura is a freemium pinning service that doesn't require any additional setup. It's the default one used. Please bear in mind that Infura is a free service, so there is probably a rate-limiting.

ZenGrid - [Hackathon Blockbuilder Winner] Decentralized energy credit commerce on the Ethereum Blockchain

  •    Jupyter

ZenGrid is a weekend-born solution to bring energy commerce to the Blockchain. Focusing on dev speed, we a fully Pythonic stack was used (Flask, Web3.py and Infura), except for solidity contracts. Code is extremely messy but it did the job. Deliver >>>>> bureaucracy.

shokku - An open source scalable blockchain infrastructure for Ubiq, Ethereum, POA and IPFS that runs on Kubernetes

  •    Javascript

Shokku provides you with a complete way of having your own infrastructure for Ubiq and Ethereum (soon) nodes (pretty much like Infura does), exposing them with a nice JSON API, allowing you to have full control on the whole process. If you want, you can try the live service hosted in https://api.shokku.com (to be deployed soon).

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