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v-calendar - A lightweight, dependency-free plugin for building attributed calendars in Vue.js

  •    Vue

V-Calendar is a clean and lightweight plugin for displaying simple, attributed calendars in Vue.js. It uses attributes to decorate the calendar with various visual indicators including highlighted date regions, dots, bars, content styles and popovers for simple tooltips and even custom slot content. Any single attribute may contain one of each object and can be displayed for single dates, date ranges and even complex date patterns like every other Friday, the 15th of every month or the last Friday of every other month.


  •    Javascript

A visual, technical analysis and charting library built on D3. Build interactive financial charts for modern and mobile browsers. TechanJS utilises D3's reusable chart API pattern and currently supports a range of static and interactive plots.

elementary-indicators - An unofficial guide to restore indicator functionality on elementary OS


The indicator stack on elementary OS consists of the indicator-application package and the corresponding wingpanel-indicator-ayatana wingpanel component. The standard Ubuntu indicator-application package needs patching to enable support for Pantheon - you can download a premade patched .deb here or read the instructions below to patch it yourself.