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Aurora-Incident-Response - Incident Response Documentation made easy

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Incident Response Documentation made easy. Developed by Incident Responders for Incident Responders. Aurora brings "Spreadsheet of Doom" used in the SANS FOR508 class to the next level. Having led many cases and taught so many students how to do IR right, I realized, that many struggle with keeping control over all the findings. That does not only prevent them from seeing what they already have, but even less so what they are missing.

incident-response-plan-template - A concise, directive, specific, flexible, and free incident response plan template

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This template was developed by the team at Counteractive Security, to help all organizations get a good start on a concise, directive, specific, flexible, and free incident response plan. Build a plan you will actually use to respond effectively, minimize cost and impact, and get back to business as soon as possible. Download the latest release here, a please create an issue or submit a pull request with any feedback, suggestions, or updates.

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