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semantic-segmentation-editor - Web labeling tool for bitmap images and point clouds

  •    Javascript

A web based labeling tool for creating AI training data sets (2D and 3D). The tool has been developed in the context of autonomous driving research. It supports images (.jpg or .png) and point clouds (.pcd). It is a Meteor app developed with React, Paper.js and three.js. (Optional) You can modify settings.json to customize classes data.

mlkit - A collection of sample apps to demonstrate how to use Google's ML Kit APIs on Android and iOS

  •    Java

A collection of quickstart samples demonstrating the ML Kit APIs on Android and iOS. Note: due to how this repo works, we no longer accept pull requests directly. Instead, we'll patch them internally and then sync them out.

PixelAnnotationTool - Annotate quickly images.

  •    C++

Software that allows you to manually and quickly annotate images in directories. The method is pseudo manual because it uses the algorithm watershed marked of OpenCV. The general idea is to manually provide the marker with brushes and then to launch the algorithm. If at first pass the segmentation needs to be corrected, the user can refine the markers by drawing new ones on the erroneous areas (as shown on video below). Donating is very simple - and secure. Please click here to make a donation.

cvat - Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT) is a web-based tool which helps to annotate video and images for Computer Vision algorithms

  •    Javascript

CVAT is completely re-designed and re-implemented version of Video Annotation Tool from Irvine, California tool. It is free, online, interactive video and image annotation tool for computer vision. It is being used by our team to annotate million of objects with different properties. Many UI and UX decisions are based on feedbacks from professional data annotation team. Code released under the MIT License.

semi-auto-image-annotation-tool - Anno-Mage: A Semi Automatic Image Annotation Tool which helps you in annotating images by suggesting you annotations for 80 object classes using a pre-trained model

  •    Python

Semi Automatic Image Annotation Toolbox with RetinaNet as the suggesting algorithm. The toolbox suggests 80 class objects from the MS COCO dataset using a pretrained RetinaNet model. Clone this repository.

vision-camera-image-labeler - VisionCamera Frame Processor Plugin to label images using MLKit Vision

  •    Java

A VisionCamera Frame Processor Plugin to label images using MLKit Vision Image Labeling. Note: You have to restart metro-bundler for changes in the babel.config.js file to take effect.

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