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An AOP library that uses run time sub classing using IL generation and events. It's very simple to get started with, yet powerful and fast. It's written in C#.


Light weight remoting framework for both Mono.NET and Microsoft .NET. RemotingLite is a light framework for writing distributed service oriented applications via remoting. It utilizes Reflection to create clientside proxies, and communication between clients and host is done...


It is a Software Protection tool, designed to help .NET developers efficiently protect their software. It will obfuscate and protect your .NET code, optimize your .NET assembly for better deployment, minimize distribution size, increase performance & add powerful post-deplo...


Helper class and methods to IL Emitting

fluentAOP - A Fluent AOP Library for .NET

An AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming) library that allows to implement aspects utilizing a fluent API. fluentAOP is primarily designed to simplify the adoption and use of AOP in .NET.


Visual Studio add-in that displays IL code for any managed method in your .Net solution. Helpful for studying .Net platform. For example now you can easily see what happens when you are declaring delegate type or how your cool lambda expression actually looks like.


This project allows a developer to specify injectors that will run on an assembly to modify its contents. The code uses the CCI assembly to do the heavy lifting.

Fil - F# to IL Compiler

Fil compiles quoted F# expressions to .Net IL code.

Proxi - A Common Proxy Generation Library For .NET

Proxi makes possible for developers to leverage runtime proxy generation without having to couple their frameworks, libraries or applications to an specific implementation.

PostCrap - flyweight .NET AOP post compiler

PostCrap is a flyweight attribute based aspect injection .NET post compiler It is written in C# and uses Mono.Cecil to modify assemblies and inject method intercepting stubs

Natasha - 简化IL操作,优化IL编程流程,编写提供高性能的动态缓存,像写普通代码一样去写IL代码。


Open-Terraria-API - Open Terraria API - Mac, Linux & Windows

The Open Terraria API, known as OTAPI, is a unique low-level API for Terraria that exposes events and provides performance optimisations while supporting both client and server executables on all official platforms. You can use this modification as a NuGet package to power your own project with minimal update downtime*, or you can build plugins for NyxStudios' Orion which uses OTAPI under the hood.


A library for parsing math expressions with rational numbers, finding their derivatives and compiling an optimal IL code. Worth mentioning that commutative functions (addition and multiplication) taken as function with several nodes for more easy and flexible travers.