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netlify-identity-widget - A zero conf Netlify Identity widget

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For a lower level library to the underlying GoTrue API, see gotrue-js.Netlify’s Identity service is a plug-and-play microservice for handling site functionalities like signups, logins, password recovery, user metadata, and roles. You can use it from single page apps instead of rolling your own, and integrate with any service that understands JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).

pm-idm - IDM project management repository

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The Identity Manager - IDM for short - is a unified digital wallet based on open-standards that aims to support multiple decentralized identities. Here is a list of some useful documents. If you're interested in collaborating, please check Contributing.

auth0-chrome-sample - Integrate Auth0 with Chrome extensions

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This repo demonstrates how to add authentication to a Chrome extension with Auth0. It uses Auth0's hosted Lock widget with Chrome's launchWebAuthFlow. This repo is supported and maintained by Community Developers, not Auth0. For more information about different support levels check https://auth0.com/docs/support/matrix .

auth0-cordova-samples - Integrate Auth0 with Cordova apps

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This repo contains samples that demonstrate how to use Auth0 in a Cordova application. To visit specific examples, got to their directories in root folder. Read the quickstart guide for more detail.

active-directory-b2c-javascript-msal-singlepageapp - A single page application (SPA) calling a Web API

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⚠️ Silent renewing of access tokens is not supported by all social identity providers. This simple sample demonstrates how to use the Microsoft Authentication Library Preview for JavaScript (msal.js) to get an access token and call an API secured by Azure AD B2C.

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