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JARVIS - "Just Another ReVersIng Suite" or whatever other bullshit you can think of

  •    Python

The auxiliary plugin jarvis_launcher.py registers a shortcut (Alt-J) which launches the actual plugin. JARVIS is written in PySide (Qt). It consists of a dockable Widget with several tabs, one for each different category.

Stingray - IDAPython plugin for finding function strings recursively

  •    Python

Stingray is an IDAPython plugin for finding function strings. The search is from the current position onwards in the current function. It can do it recursively also with configurable search depth. The results order is the natural order of strings in the BFS search graph. For each found string it displays the xref address, the string address, the string type and the of course the string itself.

DBGHider - An IDA plugin aims to hide debugger from processes

  •    Python

DBGHider is an IDA Pro 7.x plugin written in Python. It aims to hide IDA Winddows debugger from processes. DBGHider uses two ways to hook functions: conditional breakpoint and inline hook.