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conpot - ICS/SCADA honeypot

  •    Python

The build of the documentations source can be found here. There you will also find the instructions on how to install conpot and the FAQ. Navigate to http://MY_IP_ADDRESS to confirm the setup.

Windows Live Calendar Gadget


Windows Live Calendar Gadget is a simple desktop calendar for Windows. It displays the events from internet calendars provided in iCalendar format.



Send your meeting request by code or create your own ics file.

ical.js - ical for javascript

  •    Javascript

Use the request library to fetch the specified URL (opts gets passed on to the request() call), and call the function with the result (either an error or the data).

InBrief - InBrief is a personal briefing app and dashboard powered by Electron and React

  •    Javascript

InBrief is a personal briefing app and dashboard powered by Electron and React. In one screen, InBrief provides an overview of your top RSS feeds, Twitter lists, local weather, email unread and flagged status, todos, and schedule. This app is meant to be the homepage and daily starting place for its users.

prickly-pete - A script using Docker to quickly bring up some honeypots exposing 16 services

  •    Shell

A script using Docker to quickly bring up some honeypots exposing 16 services. For research, reconnaissance and fun. While originally built to run on a laptop during the DEF CON hacker conference to see how many pings and pokes we could attract, it's a useful tool for research, and reconnaissance to test networks for infestations. I've completely rewritten this (July 2017) to use Docker and Docker-Compose to containerize all the honeypot services, greatly speeding up deployment time while reducing system requirements. prickly-pete uses Docker and Docker-Compose to bring up the following honeypots, automatically, with no configuration or extra steps necessary.

ics2owncloud.py - Webcal subscriptions that work with ownCloud 9

  •    Python

This script downloads iCal files and imports them to ownCloud using CalDAV. The calendar app supports calendar subscriptions for some time now. However these calendars can't be sync'd to your devices. If you need this you can still use this script to import events to "normal" calendars that are available for sync'ing.

scrapegoat - Fetches calendar/event objects from a CalDav server

  •    Javascript

This library requests a calendar object and its events provided by a CalDav server. The request will timeout if it gets no reponse from the CalDav server after 10 seconds. An optional timeout parameter can be provided to override this default by passing an integer containing the number of milliseconds to wait for the server to send the response before aborting the request.

ical2json - A simple node package to convert ical data to json

  •    Javascript

A simple node package to convert ical data to json

ics-parser - Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/ics-parser

  •    PHP

This ics-parser is under MIT license. You may use it for your own sites for free, but I would like to get a notice when you use it (info@martin-thoma.de). If you use it for another software project, please let the information / links to this project in the files. It is hosted at https://github.com/MartinThoma/ics-parser/ and PEAR coding standard is used.

ics.js - JS implementation of RFC 5545 (iCalendar).

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript implementation of RFC 5545 (iCalendar). Project Status : Paused. I may work on it later but I don't have the time for now.

mutt-ics - Simple viewer for ics in mutt

  •    Python

I did. So I made this little script. The package is on PyPI so it is pip-installable, but I recommend using PIP Script Installer (pipsi).

icalevent - a node module for creating ical events

  •    Javascript

Create an iCalEvent instance by setting limited properties and event.toFile() to get an ics formatted string back.

sutd-timetable - .ics generator for timetables

  •    Python

Running on Heroku. Database will be reset every term. Borrowing the often used analogy of functions as factories (and timetables as the products), this is not a factory or the output of the factory; this is merely the blueprint for building a factory.

gopcua - [WIP] Simple OPC UA implementation in Go Programming Language

  •    Go

gopcua provides easy and painless handling of OPC UA Binary Protocol in pure Golang. See example directory for sample codes. Currently simple client, server implementation and sender, which lets user to manipulate any parts including connection setup sequence, are available.

gyft - Get Your Freaking Timetable

  •    Python

Gets your timetable from ERP and adds it to your Google Calendar or gives you an ICS file which you can add in any common calendar application. Note: Please use this utility with python3.

calendario - :calendar: Check if a day is a workday or holiday

  •    Javascript

Check if a day is a workday or holiday. Available too: brazilian portuguese.

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