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link-check - checks whether a hyperlink is alive (`200 OK`) or dead.

  •    Javascript

Checks whether a hyperlink is alive (200 OK) or dead. A link is said to be 'alive' if an HTTP HEAD or HTTP GET for the given URL eventually ends in a 200 OK response. To minimize bandwidth, an HTTP HEAD is performed. If that fails (e.g. with a 405 Method Not Allowed), an HTTP GET is performed. Redirects are followed.

markdown-link-check - checks that all of the hyperlinks in a markdown text to determine if they are alive or dead

  •    Javascript

Extracts links from markdown texts and checks whether each link is alive (200 OK) or dead. mailto: links are validated with isemail. The command line tool optionally takes 1 argument, the file name or http/https URL. If not supplied, the tool reads from standard input.

slinky - web crawler just for links

  •    Javascript

Slinky is a web crawler, but just for the links between webpages. Slinky is intended to be used to visualize the routes and structure behind a website by collecting hyperlinks. If you decide to print out the source code and drop it down a flight of stairs, you may not be disappointed either.