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yarp - YARP - Yet Another Robot Platform

  •    C++

YARP is a library and toolkit for communication and device interfaces, used on everything from humanoids to embedded devices. Regular YARP builds use the ACE library. On Linux and macOS, YARP can be compiled without ACE by adding -DSKIP_ACE=TRUE when running cmake.

icub-main - The iCub Main Software Repository

  •    C++

See COPYING and AUTHORS for licensing info, authors and copyright holders. The iCub manual contains more details about the structure of the repository and how the code is organized. The manual is available online at: http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/Manual and is the most up to date source of information.

tsid - Efficient Task Space Inverse Dynamics (TSID) based on Pinocchio

  •    C++

TSID is a C++ library for optimization-based inverse-dynamics control based on the rigid multi-body dynamics library Pinocchio. To install pinocchio follow the instruction on its website.

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