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requests - Convenient http client for java, inspired by python request module

  •    Java

Requests is a http request lib with fluent api for java, inspired by the python request module. Requests requires JDK 1.8+, the last version support Java7 is 4.18.* . Requests is now in maven central repo.

embedio - A tiny, cross-platform, module based web server for .NET

  •    CSharp

A tiny, cross-platform, module based, MIT-licensed web server for .NET Framework and .NET Core.EmbedIO before version 1.4.0 uses Newtonsoft JSON and an internal logger subsystem based on ILog interface.

statcode - Like man pages, but for HTTP status codes

  •    Python

statcode is like man but for HTTP status codes. Most web developers spend considerable time looking at response codes (usually errors) and then Googling what they mean. But with statcode, you can simply run $ statcode [status_code] and get a quick explanation of your HTTP response without leaving the terminal. Requires Python 3.0 or higher.

node-request-retry - :guardsman: Wrap NodeJS request module to retry http requests in case of errors

  •    Javascript

request-retry - HTTP(s) request retry on recoverable errors. When the connection fails with one of ECONNRESET, ENOTFOUND, ESOCKETTIMEDOUT, ETIMEDOUT, ECONNREFUSED, EHOSTUNREACH, EPIPE, EAI_AGAIN or when an HTTP 5xx error occurrs, the request will automatically be re-attempted as these are often recoverable errors and will go away on retry.

relay - Relay lets you write HTTP requests as easy to read, structured YAML and dispatch them easily using a CLI

  •    Go

Relay lets you write HTTP requests as easy to read, structured YAML and dispatch them easily using a CLI. The motivation for this library is to have a Postman like tool for sharing HTTP reqests in a team. Relay lets you treat HTTP requests as human readable data files and store them in version control with your project.

vex - vex is a small PHP app that sends some load to a web application

  •    PHP

Download the latest release from GitHub Releases. Or require globally using Composer with composer global require vamsiikrishna/vex. This will automatically add the vex binary to your path.

LinkCrawler - Find broken links in webpage

  •    CSharp

Simple C# console application that will crawl the given webpage for broken image-tags and hyperlinks. The result of this will be written to output. Right now we have these outputs: console, csv, slack. Because it could be useful to know when a webpage you have responsibility for displays broken links to it's users. I have this running continuously, but you don't have to. For instance, after upgrading your CMS, changing database-scheme, migrating content etc, it can be relevant to know if this did or did not not introduce broken links. Just run this tool one time and you will know exactly how many links are broken, where they link to, and where they are located.

pawn-requests - pawn-requests provides an API for interacting with HTTP(S) JSON APIs.

  •    PAWN

This package provides an API for interacting with HTTP(S) APIs with support for text and JSON data types. The Requests API is based on common implementations of similar libraries in languages such as Go, Python and JS (Node.js).

http-factory - Implementation of PSR-17 (HTTP Message Factories)

  •    PHP

This is the implementation of PSR-17 (HTTP Message Factories). Please refer to the specification for a description.

hargo - Hargo is a Go library and command line utility that parses HAR files, can convert to curl format, and serve as a load test driver

  •    Go

Hargo parses HAR files, can convert to curl format, and serve as a load test driver. Make sure that you have Go version 1.9 or greater (I haven't tested with lower) and that your GOPATH env variable is set (I recommand setting it to ~/go if you don't have one). If GOBIN is not set, also try setting that to ~/go/bin, as make install may fail. You can check all Go environment variables with go env.

restpect - Succint and readable integration tests over RESTful APIs

  •    Clojure

Restpect is a small Clojure library that provides a set of functions to write succint and readable integration tests over RESTful APIs. The restpect.json namespace provides wrappers around the clj-http request functions with sane defaults for JSON API requests (coerce request and response as JSON, don't throw exceptions on 4xx and 5xx responses, etc.).


  •    Shell

In my daily work, I missed a tool with which I could test the configuration of domains in a simple way. The ability to use curl or openssl is very important, but I did not have the tools to automate this process. Until now, I used the tools available on the web, but each of them had some shortcomings. htrace.sh is a shell script that allows you to validate your domain configuration and catch any errors (e.g. redirect loops). It also displays basic information about the ssl configuration (if available), response headers, checks for mixed content and performs security scans using Nmap scripts and great external tools such as Ssllabs or Mozilla Observatory.

HTTP-Shortcuts - Android app to create home screen shortcuts that trigger arbitrary HTTP requests

  •    Kotlin

A simple Android app that allows you to create shortcuts that can be placed on your home screen. Each shortcut, when clicked, triggers an HTTP request. Get it on the Play Store or download the latest APK directly.

nnb - Native Node.js module for stress testing

  •    C++

headersOnly flag is used to avoid getting bytes further from socket right after getting all headers. In most cases that's enough to understand servers respond time and correctness.

request-baskets - HTTP requests collector to test webhooks, notifications, REST clients and more ...

  •    Go

Request Baskets is a web service to collect arbitrary HTTP requests and inspect them via RESTful API or simple web UI. It is strongly inspired by ideas and application design of the RequestHub project and reproduces functionality offered by RequestBin service.

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