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TableExport - The simple, easy-to-implement library to export HTML tables to xlsx, xls, csv, and txt files

  •    Javascript

In order to provide Office Open XML SpreadsheetML Format ( .xlsx ) support, you must include the following third-party library in your project before both FileSaver.js and TableExport. To support legacy browsers ( Chrome < 20, Firefox < 13, Opera < 12.10, IE < 10, Safari < 6 ) include the Blob.js polyfill before the FileSaver.js script.

table2excel - Convert and download html tables to a xlsx-file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel

  •    Javascript

table2excel is a ecma5 compiled vanilla javascript plugin to convert and download html tables to a xlsx-file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel. See my webpack configuration to see how to get js-xlsx running with webpack in the browser.

json2html - python module for converting complex JSON oject to HTML Table representation

  •    Python

Python wrapper to convert JSON into a human readable HTML Table representation. Click here for the online demo.

json2html-flask - :snake: Webapp to convert complex JSON Object to HTML representation

  •    HTML

Json2Html is a python web-app which helps in converting a JSON Object into its HTML representation i.e HTML Tables. Non-technical audience and even sometimes Geeks get confused in understanding the JSON representation which constitutes a whole complex list of strings, numbers, arrays, sub-arrays, sub-objects and so on. This web-app provides them learning and better understanding of complex JSON.