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gulp-htmlmin - Minify HTML

  •    HTML

gulp plugin to minify HTML. Issues with the HTML parser and output must be reported on the html-minifier issue tracker.

reshadow - Markup and styles that feel right

  •    Javascript

Please check the reshadow.dev website to get more information and examples. reshadow provides the Shadow DOM developer experience, but for the Virtual DOM with the Component way.

Chart Inspector


This small application will help you pull out the site usage activity or other charts from any SharePoint Server and put it anywhere in your homepage. This will also provide the flexibility for governance site statistic without purchasing others 3rd product.

htmpapers - Numenta published papers code and data

  •    Python

This repository is currently under construction and will include the source code for all scripts used on Numenta's papers. This paper proposes a network model composed of columns and layers that performs robust object learning and recognition. The model introduces a new feature to cortical columns, location information, which is represented relative to the object being sensed. Pairing sensory features with locations is a requirement for modeling objects and therefore must occur somewhere in the neocortex. We propose it occurs in every column in every region.

htm-school-viz - Visualizations supporting HTM School

  •    Javascript

This project is under very heavy development and will change drastically with no warning. These are supporting visualizations for the HTM School educational video series.

to-htm - Conversion tool from JSX or Handlebars to htm (tagged template literal)

  •    Javascript

Conversion tool from JSX or Handlebars to htm (tagged template literal)

safetyfast - An Go library of synchronization primitives to help make use of hardware transactional memory (HTM)

  •    Go

This is a Go library that implements synchronization primitives over Intel TSX (hardware transactional primitives). Checkout the SafetyFast Project Page.

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