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Ever Gauzy - Business Management Platform (ERP / CRM / HRM)

  •    Typescript

Ever Gauzy - Open-Source Business Management Platform for On-Demand and Sharing Economies. The platform includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Human Resource Management (HRM) software with employee Time and Activity Tracking functionality.

EasyERP - ERP for Small Business

  •    NodeJS

EasyERP is an Super Fast Open-Source ERP/CRM/HRM for small business based on Node.js and MongoDB. It is fully functional ERP solution in both cloud and on-premises versions, but if your company needs some specific customization or extensions, they are open for customization requests.

HRMCore Free (Ph?n m?m qu?n lý Nhân s? mi?n phí)


This is software about Human Resource Management in Viet Nam ------------ ?ây là ph?n m?m Qu?n lý nhân s? ti?n l??ng ? Vi?t Nam (Nghi?p v? ? Vi?t Nam). D? ??nh ?ây s? là ph?n m?m mi?n phí. Nh?m giúp ?? nh?ng ng??i làm nhân s? t?i Vi?t Nam


  •    DotNet

Human resource management (or simply HRM)

Polar Sonic Link


Decodes Polar HRM data into XML using the SonicLink interface and a microphone.

hrm-solutions - Human Resource Machine solutions and size/speed hacks

  •    Assembly

This repo contains working solutions, in hopes of exchanging ideas to collaboratively come up with the most/size.speed optimized solutions (or simply to help those out there who are stuck). Even though the programs are created through a drag-and-drop interface within the game, copy/paste from/to the clipboard works as assembly source code seen in this repo. Top Scores and more info.

IceHrm - Manage your employees easily with a robust and efficient Human Resource Management System

  •    Javascript

IceHrm is a HRM software which enable companies of all sizes to manage HR activities properly. It stores employee information securely, Automates your leave management, Track every bit of time spent, Payroll Processing and handles Expenses Management.

hrm-cpu - Run Human Resource Machine programs

  •    Assembly

Run Human Resource Machine programs in JavaScript

svr - HTTP development server done right

  •    CSS

It's similar micro-dev, but out of the box for any framework that use http.Server.listen() interface. svr is assuming you have a main file declared in your package.json in the project directory.

hrm - Human Resource Management App

  •    PLpgSQL

Welcome to MixERP 2.0 HRM module. This project uses Frapid Framework.

hrm-cpu - Human Resource Machine - CPU Design #HRM

  •    Verilog

This personal project aims at designing a soft core CPU in Verilog, synthetizable in an FPGA that will behave like the gameplay of Human Resource Machine by Tomorrow Corp. In this game the player takes on the role of an office worker who must handle numbers and letters arriving on an “in” conveyor belt and put the desired results on an “out” conveyor belt.

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