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PhenoTagger - PhenoTagger

  •    Python

This repo contains the source code and dataset for the PhenoTagger. You can use our trained PhenoTagger to identify the HPO concepts from biomedical texts by the PhenoTagger_tagging.py file.

auptimizer - An automatic ML model optimization tool.

  •    Python

Getting the best models in minimum time - Generate optimal models and achieve better performance by employing state-of-the-art hyperparameter optimization (HPO) and model compression techniques. Auptimizer will run and record sophisticated HPO and model compression experiments on compute resources of your choice with effortless consistency and reproducibility. Making your models edge-ready - Get model-device compatibility and enhanced on-device performance by converting models into the industry-standard ONNX and TensorFlow Lite formats. Auptimizer-Converter provides validated conversion techniques to ensure worry-free format transformations.

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