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hosts - Extending and consolidating hosts files from several well-curated sources like adaway

  •    Python

This repository consolidates several reputable hosts files, and merges them into a unified hosts file with duplicates removed. A variety of tailored hosts files are provided. The Non GitHub mirror is the link to use for some hosts file managers like Hostsman for Windows that don't work with Github download links.

google-hosts - Google hosts generator

  •    Shell

This project provides some tools to help you find google IP.

SwitchHosts - Switch hosts quickly!

  •    CSS

SwitchHosts! is an App for managing hosts file, it is based on Electron, React, and Ant Design, CodeMirror, etc. Thanks to @gobinathm and @iamybj for updating the brew cask version.

hosts - :statue_of_liberty:最新可用的google hosts文件。国内镜像:

  •    Rascal

:statue_of_liberty:最新可用的google hosts文件。国内镜像:

hosts - 镜像:https://coding.net/u/scaffrey/p/hosts/git

  •    Rascal


adblock-nocoin-list - Block lists to prevent JavaScript miners


This is an adblock list to block "browser-based crypto mining". Currently there are a few websites added into the lists. If you see other websites supporting these deeds, then feel free to raise an Issue or Pull request for it to be taken care of. You can also use the 1blocker package if you use 1Blocker on iOS or Mac. Simply open the file in 1Blocker on iOS or MacOS to import it.

whistle - HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket debugging proxy

  •    Javascript

whistle is a cross-platform web debugging tool based on Node.js. If the aboves can't satisfy your requirements, you can also use plugins to extend its capabilities.

hostile - Simple, programmatic `/etc/hosts` manipulation (in node.js)

  •    Javascript

If you use OS X or Linux, this module assumes your hosts file is at /etc/hosts. On Windows, it assumes your hosts file is at C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts.Commands that modify the hosts file require root privileges.



Hosts Editor is small application for editing windows Hosts file. The hosts file is a computer file used to store information on where to find a node on a computer network. This file maps hostnames to IP addresses. The hosts file is used as a supplement to (or instead of) the ...

IIS Hosts File Manager


Here's an IIS 7.5 and 8.0 module to add host headers to the Hosts file without having to edit it with notepad. Very useful if you create a lot of web sites for testing or demo purposes.

Windows Hosts File Manager

  •    DotNet

Windows Hosts File Manager - Using this application you might to edit HOSTS file, add & delete some configurations in that file.


  •    CSharp

This little application helps you blocking either ads or just unwanted host addresses. Instead of doing own traffic monitoring, it relies on Windows' HOSTS file to provide system-wide application-independant address blocking.

hosts - A command line tool for managing hosts file entries.

  •    Shell

A command line program for managing hosts file entries. When specified, all write operations that require sudo will automatically rerun the command using sudo when the current user does not have write permissions for the hosts file.

hostscli - hostscli - A CLI tool to block / unblock websites using /etc/hosts

  •    Python

A CLI tool to block / unblock websites using /etc/hosts. Super simple and easily extendable. Also block Ads, Tracking & Malware sites.

myhttpdns - DNS 服务器,接收标准 DNS 查询请求,然后通过查询 http dns 获取结果返回给客户端。

  •    Go

DNS 服务器,接收标准 DNS 查询请求,然后通过查询 http dns 获取结果返回给客户端。

alsohosts - :rocket: 一些被封禁域名的 hosts 列表

  •    Javascript

:rocket: 一些被封禁域名的 hosts 列表

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