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husky - :dog: Git hooks made easy

  •    Javascript

By default, husky expects your project's package.json and your .git directory to be at the same level. It can be configured to support monorepos or sub-directories.Check documentation for more.

github-todos - Git hook to convert your TODOs into Github issues

  •    Javascript

Github-Todos is a git hook to convert your TODOs into Github issues. You can read the full presentation from wiki for detailed information.

node-git-emit - expose git hooks as a node.js EventEmitter

  •    Javascript

Expose git hooks through an EventEmitter.This module is super handy when used in conjunction with pushover.

hitched - 🐠 Git hooks, made easy and lightweight for Node

  •    Javascript

With hitched, you can easily prevent garbage-y commits and keep bad code out of your repositories.Simply install hitched as a dependency...

node-git-fish - Github Web Hook Listener (via Node.js)

  •    Javascript

script can be anything; ruby, bash, python, etc. It doesn't have to be a node script. script path must absolute and the script must be executable.

hookin - npm install or bower install if package.json changed, when git pull

  •    Javascript

hookin could solve the problem. npm install runs if package.json is changed when git-pull.

write-good-git - Write more good git commit messages

  •    Javascript

Write more good commit messages, using write-good, a naive linter for English prose, and a simple git hook. In the project you wish to use write-good-git, copy the hook to your .git/hooks directory.

cargo-husky - Setup Git hooks automatically for cargo projects with :dog:

  •    Rust

cargo-husky is a crate for Rust project managed by cargo. In short, cargo-husky is a Rust version of husky. cargo-husky is a development tool to set Git hooks automatically on cargo test. By hooking pre-push and running cargo test automatically, it prevents broken codes from being pushed to a remote repository.

node-commit-msg - Git commit message validator

  •    Javascript

commit-msg is a customizable git commit message parser and validator written in Node.js. It validates a given string based on best practices and can be used as a git hook, command line tool and/or directly through the API. Only use it if you agree with the guidelines it follows and if the customization it offers is enough to meet your needs. I will not accept changes that do not adhere to the general rules outlined in the guidelines document, unless they come with very compelling reasons.

git-xmpp - pushes information about git commits to a xmpp room

  •    Javascript

Pushes updates from Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab to your xmpp chat room. Note: This needs a bit more testing...

push-to-deploy - Node

  •    Javascript

This project offers the simplicity of the "push-to-deploy" model Heroku pioneered. It implements the server that receives webhook events that, in turn, triggers shell actions to perform the deployment. By downloading a ZIP or a TAR.GZ...

git-validate - A module to help you create your own git hooks

  •    Javascript

This is a super simple framework to facilitate creating your own modules similar to precommit-hook. This module isn't intended to be used directly in your projects (thought it can be), but rather as the dependency of a module that you create that will act as a template of sorts.

redmine_undev_git - Plugin adds to Redmine ability to work with remote repositories and hooks support

  •    Ruby

The UndevGit plugin adds the UndevGit repository type to Redmine. When accessing a remote or local repository, UndevGit clones it and then works with the created copy.

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