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HookZz - a hook framework for arm/arm64/ios/android

  •    C++

a hook framework for arm/arm64/ios/android



RepoCop is a repository hook framework written in C#. Currently only Subversion is supported. You can easily configure actions to perform when something gets comitted. You can also assign conditions with these actions to implement complex rules on when these actions should run.

before-after-hook - wrap methods with before/after hooks

  •    Javascript

If an error is thrown in beforeHook or getData then errorHook is called next. If afterHook throws an error then handleGetError is called instead of handleData.

redmine_undev_git - Plugin adds to Redmine ability to work with remote repositories and hooks support

  •    Ruby

The UndevGit plugin adds the UndevGit repository type to Redmine. When accessing a remote or local repository, UndevGit clones it and then works with the created copy.

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