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hiring-without-whiteboards - ⭐️ Companies that don't have a broken hiring process

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A listing of companies (or teams) that don't do "whiteboard" interviews. "Whiteboards" is used as a metaphor, and is a symbol for the kinds of CS trivia questions that are associated with bad interview practices. Whiteboards are not bad – CS trivia questions are. Using sites like HackerRank/LeetCode probably fall into a similar category. The companies and teams listed here use interview techniques and questions that resemble day-to-day work – for example pairing on a real world problem, or a paid/unpaid take home exercise. Read (and contribute to) our recommendations for ways to conduct better interviews.

awesome-leading-and-managing - Awesome List of resources on leading people and being a manager


Since 2013-ish, Joe Goldberg, who created the original document inspiring this list, read a crap-ton of books and articles about "leadership" and "management" and took notes along the way. He shared it with friends who were transitioning to management roles and eventually decided to open-source it. Here you'll find Joe's still-public document, which provides meatier summaries of the articles you'll find listed here as well as lots of supplementary notes. In summer 2017 Lauri Apple found out about Joe's docs via Software Lead Weekly and asked Joe about posting the contents to GitHub. He gave the greenlight. Lauri changed up the format (very brief blurbs), turned the doc into an Awesome List, and has continued adding new entries ever since. Helping out with the initial upload were a team of Lauri's former colleagues at Zalando. These days the list receives contributions from people around the world.

node-at-yahoo - Shameless ploy to recruit via npm

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We're already using Node.js in production across a variety of high traffic sites. The new My Yahoo, Premier League Fantasy Football, and the recently launched Yahoo Screen, are all running on Node. In the next 12 months we're on track to easily become the largest originator of traffic from Node in the world. We've also built an amazing infrastructure. We run the latest version of Node, host our own NPM registry, and deploy seemlessly from a Github pull request all the way to production. In fact, we deploy more than 400 times, and run more than 360,000 tests everyday.

workfor.la - How to get hired with the City of LA, in plain english

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The City of Los Angeles faces a retirement crisis. 46% of City workers will be eligible for retirement in the next 2 years. Applying for civil service jobs (which compose the majority of City workers) is confusing and time-consuming. This project will explain the process to prospective applicants and encourage them to apply.

WeAreHiring - We stand for the craftsmanship in software development and We Are Hiring


We are hiring. Be the person stands behind all the cool products. Our mission is to Empower the next innovations. At Dwarves, we unleash the next technopreneur generation by nurturing your career path with our innovative and globalizing working environment.

handbook - A Collaborative Handbook for Staff and Our Community


But we know, after having built a few companies previously, that the consistent effort is 💯 worth it in the short and long-run. And by also making these documents open to the public and by encouraging our own team to collaborate on it allows us the opportunity and chance to minimize bias and exclusionary behavior while modeling our beliefs publicly in a way that will benefit everyone. Consequently, this WIP ("Work in Progress") repository will contain most (but certaintly not all) of the current organizational policies that we use at Pinpoint. It's not perfect just as the founders of Pinpoint are not perfect. Rather, we want it to be an open dialogue and representation of who we are today and who we want to be in the future. It's the starting block rather than the finish line.

careers - Want to work at Sourcegraph?


Join us on our mission to make it so everyone, in every community, in every country, and in every industry can create products using the best technology. Read our Master Plan to learn more about what we're building, and why it matters. Questions about our hiring process? Email us at hiring@sourcegraph.com.