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ugrep - Ultra fast grep with interactive query UI and fuzzy search

  •    C++

ugrep is ultra fast grep with interactive query UI and fuzzy search. It can search file systems, source code, text, binary files, archives (cpio/tar/pax/zip), compressed files (gz/Z/bz2/lzma/xz/lz4/zstd), documents and more. A faster, user-friendly and compatible grep replacement.

pixd - 🔍 Colourful visualization tool for binary files

  •    C

pixd is a tool for visualizing binary data using a colour palette. It is in a lot of ways akin to a hexdump tool, except using coloured squares to represent each octet. pixd uses 24-bit color SGR escape sequences. For a list of terminal emulators with support for these, see XVilka's list of supporting terminal emulators.

multidiff - Binary data diffing for multiple objects or streams of data

  •    Python

It's purpose is to make machine friendly data easier to understand by humans that are looking at it. Specifically multidiff helps in viewing the differences within a large set of objects by doing diffs between relevant objects and displaying them in a sensible manner. This kind of visualization is handy when looking for patterns and structure in proprietary protocols or weird file formats. The obvious use-cases are reverse engineering and binary data analysis. At the core of multidiff is the python difflib library and multidiff wraps it in data providing mechanisms and visualization code. The visualization is the most important part of the project and everything else is just utilities to make it easier to feed data for the visualizer. At this time the tool can do basic format parsing such as hex decoding, hexdumping, and handling data as utf8 strings, as well as read from files, stdin, and sockets. Any preprocessing such as cropping, indenting, decompression, etc. will have be done by the user before the objects are provided to multidiff.

hexdump.js - A javascript utility for pretty hexdump output.

  •    Javascript

A javascript utility for fast and simple hexdumping. Hexdump.js is very customizable with format options like width and byte grouping. Check out the documentation for more information. See LICENSE.txt for details.

hexd - 🔍 Colourful, human-friendly hexdump tool

  •    C

hexd prints a human-readable hexdump of the specified files, or standard input if omitted. Its main distinguishing feature is the use of colours to visually indicate which range of values an octet belongs to, aiding in spotting patterns in binary data. By default, hexd relies on 256-color SGR escape sequences. Most terminal emulators should support these today, but technically they're only defacto standard. However, you can override the formatting used with the HEXD_COLORS environment variable (see manpage), or use the -p option for plaintext output.


  •    Javascript

Hex Dumper (streaming, sync, and cli)

hxd - Speedy colored hexdump

  •    Javascript

Speedy colored hexdump

swab - General purpose buffer handling module

  •    Erlang

General purpose buffer handling module. swab give the possibility to debug all or part of the directive chain, to do hexdump à la od and also ASN1 pretty printing à la openssl asn1parse.

hex - 🔮 Futuristic take on hexdump, made in Rust.

  •    Rust

Futuristic take on hexdump. hex takes a file as input and outputs a hexadecimal colorized view to stdout.

bincopy - Mangling of various file formats that conveys binary information (Motorola S-Record, Intel HEX, TI-TXT, ELF and binary files)

  •    Python

Mangling of various file formats that conveys binary information (Motorola S-Record, Intel HEX, TI-TXT, ELF and binary files). See the test suite for additional examples.

hexdump.rb - Fully Featured and Fast hexdumping for Ruby.

  •    Ruby

Fully Featured and Fast hexdumping for Ruby. Benchmarks show hexdumping 1Mb of random data.

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