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js-stack-from-scratch - 🛠️⚡ Step-by-step tutorial to build a modern JavaScript stack.

  •    Javascript

Welcome to my modern JavaScript stack tutorial: JavaScript Stack from Scratch. This is a straight-to-the-point guide to assembling a JavaScript stack. It requires some general programming knowledge, and JavaScript basics. It focuses on wiring tools together and giving you the simplest possible example for each tool. You can see this tutorial as a way to write your own boilerplate from scratch. Since the goal of this tutorial is to assemble various tools, I do not go into details about how these tools work individually. Refer to their documentation or find other tutorials if you want to acquire deeper knowledge in them.

create-react-app-buildpack - Heroku Buildpack for create-react-app: static hosting for React

  •    Shell

Deploy React.js web apps generated with create-react-app. Automates deployment with the built-in bundler and serves it up via Nginx. See the introductory blog post and entry in Heroku elements. This buildpack deploys a React UI as a static web site. The Nginx web server provides optimum performance and security for the runtime. See Architecture for details.

heroku-cra-node - How to use create-react-app with a custom Node server on Heroku

  •    Javascript

A minimal example of using a Node backend (server for API, proxy, & routing) with a React frontend. Includes a minimal Node Cluster implementation to parallelize the single-threaded Node process across the available CPU cores.

einstein-vision-node - Example image recognition web app using Einstein Vision Heroku Add-on

  •    Javascript

This Node.js sample app lets you upload an image to get predictions from Salesforce Einstein Vision general classifier using the Add-on. When deploying this app, a new Einstein Vision add-on will be created which includes an Einstein Vision account.

heroku-nextjs - Deploy Next.js universal web apps to Heroku

  •    Javascript

Deploy React-based universal web apps on Heroku. Once you have a Next app working locally, you may deploy it for public access.

heroku-nextjs-custom-server-express - Deploy Next

  •    Javascript

A version of Next's example/custom-server-express revised to deploy to Heroku. Most of the times the default Next server will be enough but sometimes you want to run your own server to customize routes or other kind of the app behavior. Next provides a Custom server and routing so you can customize as much as you want.

mithril.web - UI for oAuth service

  •    Javascript

Dashboard can be deployed as a single container from edenlabllc/mithril.web Docker Hub. Dashboard works on top of Mithril management API.

go-gin-wrapper - go-gin web framework sample

  •    Go

This is built on Heroku. You can see here. It requires set database and table. If you want know more details, use docker environment usign docker-create.sh. This is the easiest way to configure whole environment.

next-postgres - React 16

  •    Javascript

This is an example of a full stack web application with posts, comments and server side rendering. It is configured to be deployed to Zeit but I also provide Heroku deployment steps. I use Homebrew to manage dependencies on a new laptop... You're welcome to use something else.