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clickhouse-helm - ClickHouse Helm Chart

  •    Dockerfile

Fully functioning replicated ClickHouse environment. CLI, Graphite and Tabix UI included. By default there are 2 replicas. It's also important to create replicated tables correctly, you may check sample schema in sample-schema.sql, which you have to execute on each node (CREATE queries are not replicated in ClickHouse).

helm-kubectl - Docker Hub image with helm and kubectl on top of alpine linux with bash

  •    Dockerfile

This lightweight alpine docker image provides kubectl and helm binaries for working with a Kubernetes cluster. A local configured kubectl is a prerequisite to use helm per helm documentation. This image is useful for general helm administration such as deploying helm charts and managing releases. It is also perfect for any automated deployment pipeline needing to use helm which supports docker images such as Concourse CI, Jenkins on Kubernetes, Travis CI, and Circle CI. Having bash installed allows for better support for troubleshooting by being able to exec / terminal in and run desired shell scripts. Git installed allows installation of helm plugins. Example to just run helm on entry: docker run --rm dtzar/helm-kubectl helm By default kubectl will try to use /root/.kube/config file for connection to the kubernetes cluster, but does not exist by default in the image.

cibase - This is a toolkit for CI/CD provided by Choerodon.

  •    Dockerfile

This is a toolkit for CI/CD provided by Choerodon.

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