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traefik-helm-chart - Traefik v2 helm chart

  •    Smarty

Traefik is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. This chart bootstraps Traefik version 2 as a Kubernetes ingress controller, using Custom Resources IngressRoute: https://docs.traefik.io/providers/kubernetes-crd/.

Otomi- The complete DevOps experience for Kubernetes

  •    Shell

Otomi is an open-source cloud-agnostic platform to run on top of Kubernetes to securely deploy, run and manage applications with a desktop-like user interface. Otomi is free, easy to install, comes with an intuitive desktop-like UI and ready to use pre-configured built-in applications to offer an out-of-the-box experience. Just like you would expect from your favorite Linux distribution. After installing Otomi on Kubernetes, you can log in and immediately start deploying and use all the built-in applications.

spring-cloud-netflix-demo - Spring cloud Demo Project with Zuul, Eureka, Config Server, Ribbon, Sleuth & Zipkin

  •    Java

This is a spring cloud Demo Project with Zuul, Eureka, Ribbon, Sleuth & Zipkin. When you are migrating to a microservice environment you are getting a lot of beneftis and on the other side you need to tackle new challenges.

helm-unittest - BDD styled unit test framework for Kubernetes Helm charts as a Helm plugin.

  •    Go

If you are ready for writing tests, check the DOCUMENT for the test API in YAML. It will install the latest version of binary into helm plugin directory.

kubernetes-deployment-demo - A small project demonstrating Kubernetes deployment with Helm

  •    LOLCODE

The idea is to use Helm to pack all Kubernetes configuration files. The developer can use the chart to publish her code into production. All the customization is done on server/values.yaml. Prerequisites: Docker and kubernetes (Minikube will do just fine) The demo will create a namespace named helm-demo on your cluster and will create all the artifacts in this namespace.

chartsec - Helm Chart security scanner

  •    Go

Chartsec scans a Helm chart for potential security vulnerabilities for it's user. It's especially useful to check third-party charts before even decompressing them. Chartsec can be used both as a library and an executable.

tsuru-helm-chart - Helm chart for installing Tsuru.io

  •    Smarty

Install the ingress addon on minikube. By default values will keep using the testing api endpoint for Let's encrypt, that means the certificates will not be valid.

frigate - Frigate is a tool for automatically generating documentation for your Helm charts

  •    Python

Frigate is a tool for automatically generating documentation for your Helm charts.

helm-charts - Temporal Helm charts

  •    Mustache

Temporal is a distributed, scalable, durable, and highly available orchestration engine designed to execute asynchronous long-running business logic in a resilient way. This repo contains a basic V3 Helm chart that deploys Temporal to a Kubernetes cluster. The dependencies that are bundled with this solution by default offer an easy way to experiment with Temporal software. This Helm chart can also be used to install just the Temporal server, configured to connect to dependencies (such as a Cassandra, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database) that you may already have available in your environment.

anchor - Turns Kubernetes resources into a Helm chart

  •    Javascript

Backups Kubernetes resources as a Helm chart. Extract configurations from resources and save them as values and templates in a reproducible Helm chart. For more detailed examples like sub-charts check out the ./example folder.

core-dump-handler - Save core dumps from a Kubernetes Service or RedHat OpenShift to an object store such as AWS S3 or IBM Cloud Object Storage

  •    Rust

This helm chart is designed to deploy functionality that automatically saves core dumps from any public cloud kuberenetes service provider or RedHat OpenShift Kubernetes Service to an S3 compatible storage service. A CRIO compatible container runtime on the kubernetes hosts. If you service provider uses something else we will willingly recieve patches to support them.

terraform-helm - Helm chart to install Terraform Cloud Operator and other associated components.

  •    Shell

This repository contains the official HashiCorp Helm chart for installing and configuring the Terraform Cloud Operator on Kubernetes. This chart supports multiple use cases of Terraform on Kubernetes depending on the values provided. This chart is hosted on the official HashiCorp helm chart repository.

admission-webhook-server - API server providing Webhook endpoints for Kubernetes admission controller to mutate objects

  •    Go

API server providing webhook endpoints for Kubernetes admission controller to mutate objects. Currently it can handle mutating nodeSelector based on namespaces. This same functionality exists in standard Kubernetes cluster installation if enabled. However it's not enabled in EKS.

terraform-operator - A Kubernetes CRD to handle terraform operations

  •    Go

master branch is currently under heavy development. Most of the docs are now outdated but will be updated soon. For information on why I'm doing these changes, see https://github.com/isaaguilar/terraform-operator/blob/feature/terraform-runner-container-states/docs/container-states.md for an overview. I'm also going to try to get a roadmap up soon.

helm-chart-scaffolding - Moved to https://github


Fork this repo when creating new charts to make it easy to get up and running quickly.

pulsar-helm-chart - Apache Pulsar Helm chart

  •    Mustache

This Helm chart configures an Apache Pulsar cluster. It is designed for production use, but can also be used in local development environments with the proper settings. Helm must be installed and initialized to use the chart. Only Helm 3 is supported. Please refer to Helm's documentation to get started.

drl-exporter - Prometheus exporter for dockerhub rate limits

  •    Go

This exporter allows to retrieve the DockerHub rate limit counts as scrape target for Prometheus. The exporter obtains an auth token and then queries the Docker Hub registry with a HEAD request to parse RateLimit-Limit, RateLimit-Remaining and RateLimit-Reset into a Gauge metric. You can use your Docker Hub credentials to authenticate, otherwise an anonymous token is used. Multi Arch docker images are available (arm/arm64/amd64) you can pull it from dockerhub and run in your environment.

khelm - A Helm chart templating CLI, kpt function and kustomize plugin

  •    Go

A Helm chart templating CLI, helm to kustomize converter, kpt function and kustomize plugin. Formerly known as "helm-kustomize-plugin".

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