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A jQuery plugin that uses CSS transitions to animate an element's height or width to auto.


jQuery plugin, for responsive pages, to set tags to same height. Happens during/after browser resize.


This jQuery plugin (now in it's second version) sets all of the passed jQuery collection of elements to have the same height.


A jQuery plugin that sets the height of each element in a group to the height of the highest element.


Plugin for jQuery to automatically size height of html elements in a fixed container.

opentype-layout - word wraps and lays out Opentype.js glyphs

Experimental word-wrapping and layout for Opentype.js.Best used with npm and browserify. This should also work in Node.js and other environments.

postcss-size - PostCSS plugin for size shortcut

PostCSS plugin for size shortcut to set width and height properties.See PostCSS docs for examples for your environment.

node-aspectratio - Image aspect ratio calculation utility

Image aspect ratio utilities. Apply a fixed aspect ratio crop without distoring the image aspect ratio.

jquery.actual - Get the actual width/height of invisible DOM elements with jQuery.

Get the actual width/height of invisible DOM elements with jQuery. jQuery has trouble finding the width/height of invisible DOM elements. With element or its parent element has css property 'display' set to 'none'. $('.hidden').width(); will return 0 instead of the actual width; This plugin simply fix it.

to-px - Convert any CSS unit to logical pixels (aka "px")

Get the scale factor to convert any CSS unit to px (logical pixel units). Note that this module only works within the DOM.

W - Responsive viewport management tool

In responsive development with javascript, we often need to know the correct viewport size, without caring of the environment or the media orientation. Desktop browsers return correct values but mobiles are a big mess. Moreover, we need to know when the text has been resized or the media orientation has changed, so we can adapt our layout accordingly.