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StickyTableHeaders - A jQuery plugin that makes large tables more usable by having the table header stick to the top of the screen when scrolling

  •    Javascript

So what's it good for? Well, let's say you want to display a long list of fairly uniform tabluar data, like stock exchange listings or sport statistics but you don't want your users to get lost in the data as they scroll down on the page. StickyTableHeaders to the rescue: By applying the StickyTableHeaders jQuery plugin to the table, the column headers will stick to the top of the viewport as you scroll down.

sectioned-recyclerview - Implement a multi-sectioned RecyclerView using a custom adapter interface

  •    Java

Sectioned RecyclerView allows you to easily split a RecyclerView into sections with headers and optional footers. Headers can be expanded and collapsed, you can even hide empty sections.The Gradle dependency is available via jCenter. jCenter is the default Maven repository used by Android Studio.

osprey - Generate Node.JS API middleware from a RAML definition

  •    Javascript

Generate API middleware from a RAML definition, which can be used locally or globally for validating API requests and responses. Osprey can be used as a validation proxy with any other API server. Just install the module globally and use the CLI to set up the application endpoint(s) to proxy, as well as the RAML definition to use. Invalid API requests will be blocked before they reach your application server.

multidict - multidict implementation

  •    Python

Multidict is dict-like collection of key-value pairs where key might be occurred more than once in the container.HTTP Headers and URL query string require specific data structure: multidict. It behaves mostly like a regular dict but it may have several values for the same key and preserves insertion ordering.

robotirc - Multifonction IRC bot written in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Multifonction IRC bot written in Node.js.Start RobotIRC by invoking robotirc.

http-headers - HTTP header string parser

  •    Javascript

Parse the start-line and headers from an HTTP request or reponse.If you've ever needed to log or in another way access the headers sent to the client on a http.ServerResponse in Node.js, you know it's not as easy as with the http.IncomingMessage headers (which you just access via request.headers['content-type']).

hpack.js - HPACK implementation in pure JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Plain-JS implementation of HPACK.This software is licensed under the MIT License.

expired - Calculate when HTTP cache headers expire

  •    Javascript

expired accepts HTTP headers as an argument and will return information on when the resource will expire. Cache-Control and Expires headers are supported, if both exist Cache-Control takes priority (Why?).You can make the functions pure by passing in a JavaScript Date object to compare to instead of depending on new Date(). This isn't necessary for expired.on as it doesn't compare dates and is already pure.

control-access - Easy CORS handling

  •    Javascript

Access-Control-Allow-Credentials indicates whether or not the response to the request can be exposed when the credentials flag is true.Can be set globally with the ACCESS_ALLOW_CREDENTIALS environment variable. Possible values are 1 and 0.

caseless - Caseless object set/get/has, very useful when working with HTTP headers.

  •    Javascript

This library is incredibly useful when working with HTTP headers. It allows you to get/set/check for headers in a caseless manner while also preserving the caseing of headers the first time they are set.Has takes a name and if it finds a matching header will return that header name with the preserved caseing it was set with.

request-debug - Library to monitor HTTP(S) requests made with mikeal/request.

  •    Javascript

This Node.js module provides an easy way to monitor HTTP(S) requests performed by the request module, and their responses from external servers.This will set up event handlers on every request performed with the request variable from this point.


  •    Javascript

Looked at https://github.com/watson/http-headers before creating this. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

autocsp - Tool to generate a valid Content Security Policy headers, integrity hashes and inline hashes for your current webpage

  •    Javascript

AutoCSP is not just another tool to generate a valid Content Security Policy header for your current webpage. Also is a didactic tool to understand all the available ways to increase the security of your web page. Go to you webpage, open the browser inspector and include the minified version of this library in your DOM manually.

Kitura-net - Kitura networking

  •    Swift

The Kitura-net module contains logic for sending and receiving HTTP requests. It also contains the structure for listening on a port and sending requests to a delegate for processing. It can be used to create HTTP/CGI servers on specific ports, and provides HTTP functionality. We expect most of our users to require higher level concepts such as routing, templates and middleware, these are not provided in Kitura-net, if you want to use those facilities you should be coding at the Kitura level, for this please see the Kitura project. Kitura-net underpins Kitura which offers a higher abstraction level to users.

fastify-helmet - Important security headers for Fastify

  •    Javascript

Simply require this plugin, and the basic security headers will be set. fastify-helmet is a collection of 12 smaller middleware functions that set HTTP headers. Running fastify.register(helmet) will not include all of these middleware functions by default.

couch-proxy-auth - Creates CouchDB Proxy Authentication Headers

  •    Javascript

The token is generated by HMAC-SHA1(secret, username) and represented as Hex.

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