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vue-meta - Manage page meta info in Vue 2.0 components. SSR + Streaming supported.

  •    Javascript

vue-meta is a Vue 2.0 plugin that allows you to manage your app's meta information, much like react-helmet does for React. However, instead of setting your data as props passed to a proprietary component, you simply export it as part of your component's data using the metaInfo property. These properties, when set on a deeply nested component, will cleverly overwrite their parent components' metaInfo, thereby enabling custom info for each top-level view as well as coupling meta info directly to deeply nested subcomponents for more maintainable code.

react-helmet - A document head manager for React

  •    Javascript

This reusable React component will manage all of your changes to the document head. Helmet takes plain HTML tags and outputs plain HTML tags. It's dead simple, and React beginner friendly.

vue-page-title - Vue.js html/page title manager

  •    Javascript

Just set the title option inside the component. Within the component it is still possible to update the $title state, it is also available to be used within the component template. It is also possible to generate a title dynamically, using a function. It receives as an argument the component instance.

react-meta-tags - Handle document meta/head tags in isomorphic react with ease.

  •    Javascript

Handle document meta/head tags in isomorphic react with ease. Handling title and meta/head tags in a isomporhic react is tricky. Its declarative to define those tags within the component, but they need to be moved on document head on client side as well as server side. While there are other modules which helps with the use-case like react-helmet and react-document-meta, but they require to define those tags in a object literal. react-meta-tags allow you to write those tags in a declarative way and in normal jsx format.

headful - Set document title and meta tags with JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Headful is a small JavaScript library to set properties in the HTML <head> (for example <title> and meta tags). Important: Most properties supported by Headful are only useful when they are set before the browser executes the JavaScript. For example, you won't be able to change properties used for URL sharing on social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) or messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram). That means you should either prerender your pages before the deployment or use server-side rendering.

vue-headful - Set document title and meta tags with Vue.js

  •    Javascript

vue-headful allows to set the title and several meta tags of your document from any Vue.js view. vue-headful is a tiny wrapper around Headful, a generic library to set meta tags with JavaScript. If there are any other head properties or attributes you want to set, you can use html (for arbitrary elements in the whole document) or head (for elements within <head>) as follows. The selectors can be any valid CSS selector.

react-frozenhead - Make your whole page a React component and render it on the server

  •    Javascript

Rendering the same React app on the client and server is awesome, but <head>s are problematic. They need to be rendered on the server so that the page has the right title tag and metadata, but browsers freak out if you try to update them in the DOM. So normally, you can't include the <head> in your app, which makes them a big pain. react-frozenhead is the solution for this problem.

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