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panini - A super simple flat file generator.

  •    Javascript

A super simple flat file generator for use with Gulp. It compiles a series of HTML pages using a common layout. These pages can also include HTML partials, external Handlebars helpers, or external data as JSON or YAML. Panini isn't a full-fledged static site generator—rather, it solves the very specific problem of assembling flat files from common elements, using a templating language.

handlebars-layouts - Handlebars helpers which implement layout blocks similar to Jinja, Nunjucks (Swig), Pug (Jade), and Twig

  •    Javascript

Handlebars helpers which implement layout blocks similar to Jade, Jinja, Nunjucks, Swig, and Twig.Helpers are generated by passing in your instance of Handlebars. This allows you to selectively register the helpers on various instances of Handlebars.

gulp-hb - A sane Gulp plugin to compile Handlebars templates. Useful as a static site generator.

  •    Javascript

A sane static Handlebars Gulp plugin. Useful as a static site generator. Powered by handlebars-wax. Think Assemble, but with a lot less Jekyll baggage.To precompile templates into JavaScript, see gulp-handlebars.

handlebars-wax - The missing Handlebars API for data, partials, helpers, and decorators.

  •    Javascript

The missing Handlebars API. Effortless registration of data, partials, helpers, and decorators using file-system globs, modules, and plain-old JavaScript objects.You may use handlebars-wax to require and register any modules that export a register factory, an object, or a function as partials, helpers, and decorators.

vim-ember-hbs - Ember Handlebars/HTMLBars plugin for Vim with indentation support

  •    Vim

Substitute .vim for vimfiles on Windows (in PowerShell). Please open an issue, if you are missing one.

exphbs - A Handlebars view engine for Express

  •    Javascript

A Handlebars view engine for Express 4.x/3.x, with Node.js and io.js support

koa-hbs - Handlebars templates for Koa.js

  •    Javascript

After a template has been rendered, the template function is cached. #render accepts two arguments - the template to render, and an object containing local variables to be inserted into the template. The result is assigned to Koa's this.response.body. The plan for koa-hbs is to offer identical functionality as express-hbs (eventaully). These options are supported now.

layouts - Wraps templates with layouts

  •    Javascript

Wraps templates with layouts. Layouts can use other layouts and be nested to any depth. This can be used 100% standalone to wrap any kind of file with banners, headers or footer content. Use for markdown, HTML, handlebars views, lo-dash templates, etc. Layouts can also be vinyl files. Please consider following this project's author, Brian Woodward, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

sails-inverse-model - Generate views, models and controllers for SailsJS from MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB

  •    Javascript

Sails Inverse Model helps you build models, controllers and views JS Sails from any database. In addition, you can quickly and individually generate each model, view, controller or all three at the same time.

play2-handlebars - handlebars.java plugin for Play framework 2

  •    Shell

play2-handlebars is a tiny play framework plugin to generate html and other test output from Hanldebars template. It also provides some helper features for Scala specific processing. Handlebars reloads much faster. Twirl is a great framework and we can detect many error things in the compilation time and makes refactoring easy. But sometimes that's too much, we just want to add CSS class.