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flixel - Free, cross-platform 2D game engine powered by Haxe and OpenFL

  •    Haxe

If you want to contribute code or report an issue, please check our CONTRIBUTING.md. HaxeFlixel has its roots in the original ActionScript 3 version of Flixel, created by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman. It was started by Alexander Hohlov in 2011, initially as a straightforward Haxe port of the AS3 codebase and Richard Davey's Flixel Power Tools.

flixel-demos - Collection of demos for HaxeFlixel

  •    Haxe

This is a collection of 80+ demos using the HaxeFlixel engine and demonstrating its capabilities. All the ones that are compatible with a web target (HTML5 and/or Flash) can be found on haxeflixel.com/demos. You can then use flixel-tools create command to create one of the demos in a directory of your choice, or alternatively run them directly from the haxelib directory.

djFlixel - Various helpers and tools library for haxeflixel

  •    Haxe

djFlixel is a set of tools and helpers for HaxeFlixel. This is NOT a framework, you can easily use the parts you need in your existing projects. Versatile autotype text object that supports a simple inline tagging system. Meaning that you can insert special tags in the source string and change the behavior on the fly. You can change the speed, add pauses and even trigger callbacks.

flixel-addons - Additional classes for HaxeFlixel

  •    Haxe

A set of useful, but optional classes for HaxeFlixel created by the community. Includes some classes from the Flixel Power Tools. If you have a question or have not contributed on github before, there are friendly people in the community that help out in the forums.

flixel-docs - Documentation for HaxeFlixel

  •    HTML

This is the main location for HaxeFlixel documentation. Pull requests from this location will be pushed to the live website periodically, so please help us improve the HaxeFlixel docs. The main documentation is made up of *.html.md files in the ./documentation folder. Each file and folder starts with a numerical prefix specifying the order listed on the docpad website.

flixel-templates - Project templates for HaxeFlixel

  •    Smarty

If you change the default template, be sure to update the FlashDevelop .fdz-template in ide-data/flash-develop-fdz accordingly as well. Afterwards, the generate.bat should be run to update the pregenerated folder.

flixel-tools - Command Line tools for HaxeFlixel, create demos, templates and more.

  •    Haxe

These are command line tools for HaxeFlixel to create demos, templates and more. For documentation on how to install and use the tools, please refer to this guide.

flixel-ui - GUI library for HaxeFlixel

  •    Haxe

A test project is available in flixel-demos. You should really, really, check it out. It has a lot of inline documentation in the xml files and showcases some complex and subtle features. Provided you've set up your XML layout correctly, flixel-ui will fetch that xml file and auto-generate a _ui:FlxUI member variable.

haxeflixel-mechanics - Building a Friendly Website to show/explain/inspire HaxeFlixel's mechanics

  •    HTML

This is the source for the HaxeFlixel-Mechanics website. It is built using Jekyll and Bootstrap. The goal of this site is to become a complete resource for anyone wanting to start learning HaxeFlixel (a free, open-source, cross-platform game development library), and a quick-reference for anyone who wants to know how to do something specific.

haxeflixel.com - haxeflixel.com docpad source

  •    CSS

This is the source of haxeflixel.com. It is made with a Node.js static site generator called DocPad. You can compile this website yourself with a local install of DocPad, pull requests are welcome.

geometrize-haxe-demo - Demo using Geometrize Haxe and HaxeFlixel to recreate images with geometric primitives

  •    Haxe

Geometrize Haxe is a Haxe library for recreating images with geometric primitives. This demo shows the library working with HaxeFlixel - run it in your browser. The demo shows how images can be converted to shapes using Geometrize Haxe and then rendered as HaxeFlixel sprites. Open the demo and left click to cycle the example image being geometrized.

LudumDare26 - My Ludum Dare 26 entry, "Minimalist TD". Programmed in Haxe using HaxeFlixel.

  •    Haxe

This is my entry to Ludum Dare 26, the theme was "Minimalism". My goal was to create a simplistic tower defence game with only two colors (black and white), balanced gameplay and a new engine (HaxeFlixel, been using flixel AS3 before). Link to the LD page. It ended up placing #171 overall. A slightly improved version has been integrated into flixel-demos and is playable on the HaxeFlixel website.