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mockbin - Mock, Test & Track HTTP Requests and Responses.

  •    Javascript

Mockbin is used internally and maintained by Mashape, who also maintain the open-source API Gateway Kong. read more on Installation.

chrome-har-capturer - Capture HAR files from a headless Chrome instance

  •    Javascript

Capture HAR files from a headless Chrome instance. Under the hood this module uses chrome-remote-interface to instrument Chrome.

apiembed - Embeddable API code snippets for your website, blog or API documentation

  •    HTML

Auto-generated, code snippets in many programming languages for your website, blog or API docs. The target transformation is powered by HTTP Snippet. For any errors with the target syntax, or for additional target requests, please submit an issue there.

electron-har - A command-line tool for generating HTTP Archive (HAR) (based on Electron)

  •    Javascript

A command-line tool for generating HTTP Archive (HAR) (based on Electron).The data you get is identical to "Chromium -> Developer Tools -> Network pane -> Save All as HAR".

request-capture-har - Wrapper for request module that saves all traffic as a HAR file.

  •    Javascript

Wrapper for request module that saves all network traffic data as a HAR file. request >= 2.81.0 recommended, as it has much more detailed timings via timingPhases.

splashr - :sweat_drops: Tools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service in R

  •    R

TL;DR: This package works with Splash rendering servers which are really just a REST API & lua scripting interface to a QT browser. It's an alternative to the Selenium ecosystem which was really engineered for application testing & validation. Sometimes, all you need is a page scrape after javascript has been allowed to roam wild and free over meticulously crafted HTML tags. So, this package does not do everything Selenium can in pure R (though, the Lua interface is equally as powerful and accessible via R), but if you're just trying to get a page back that needs javascript rendering, this is a nice, lightweight, consistent alternative.

server-replay - Replay server responses from a HAR file

  •    Javascript

Replay server responses from a .har file. It works by starting a proxy server and serving content from a previously saved .har file overlayed with files from your local system, configurable with mappings.

grunt-har-gen - Grunt plugin for generating HAR files from a series of local URLs

  •    Javascript

In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named hargen to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig(). An object that represents a hash of filenames and URLs. The object keys is the filenames. The object values are the URLs.

browsermob-node - Javascript bindings for browsermob-proxy

  •    Javascript

When you create new proxies, browsermob-proxy can automatically choose which port to open them on.

PerfCascade - Responsive, SVG based HAR waterfall viewer

  •    TypeScript

Responsive, SVG based HAR waterfall viewer . PerfCascade is exported with UMD, so you can use it as global object, via AMD (e.g. requireJS) or commonJS (internally it uses ES6 modules).

simplehar - Har viewer made simple

  •    Javascript

This viewer can be used within a server and accessing index.html in your browser or you can use it as a node app. You can also access rafacesar.github.io/simplehar and use it online! To understand how the information is displayed, check the explanation.

ios-har-builder - Creates HAR files from Safari on iOS Simulator

  •    Javascript

Loads pages in iOS Safari and builds a HTTP Archive (HAR) file for page load. It's a separate fork for now as there are some differences in behaviour between Chrome and Safari e.g. lack of navigation / resource timing in Safari, Safari wraps the WebKit debug protocol in RPC etc.

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