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zhihu-text-classification - [2017知乎看山杯 多标签 文本分类] ye组(第六名) 解题方案

  •    Jupyter

和 creat_batch_data.py 相同,只是对 content 部分进行句子划分。用于分层模型。 划分句子长度: wd_title_len = 30, wd_sent_len = 30, wd_doc_len = 10.(即content划分为10个句子,每个句子长度为30个词) ch_title_len = 52, ch_sent_len = 52, ch_doc_len = 10. 不划分句子: wd_title_len = 30, wd_content_len = 150. ch_title_len = 52, ch_content_len = 300.

han - a module for tanslating Chinese(汉字) into /\w+/ or pinyin

  •    Javascript

a module for tanslating Chinese(汉字) into pinyin

hexo-hanzi - Postrender your posts with hanzi (漢字標準格式).

  •    Javascript

Postrender the content of posts with hanzi (漢字標準格式)

Text-Classification - PyTorch implementation of some text classification models (HAN, fastText, BiLSTM-Attention, TextCNN, Transformer) | 文本分类

  •    Python

PyTorch re-implementation of some text classificaiton models. Train the following models by editing model_name item in config files (here are some example config files). Click the link of each for details.

handlebars-php - A simple, logic-less, yet powerful templating engine for PHP

  •    PHP

Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration, that keep the view and the code separated like we all know they should be. You can just download Handlebars.php as is, or with Composer.

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