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traitor - Automatic Linux privesc via exploitation of low-hanging fruit e

  •    Go

Traitor packages up a bunch of methods to exploit local misconfigurations and vulnerabilities (including most of GTFOBins) in order to pop a root shell. It'll exploit most sudo privileges listed in GTFOBins to pop a root shell, as well as exploiting issues like a writable docker.sock, or the recent polkit CVE-2021-3560. More routes to root will be added over time too.

VHostScan - A virtual host scanner that performs reverse lookups, can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, work around wildcards, aliases and dynamic default pages

  •    Python

A virtual host scanner that can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, aliases and dynamic default pages. First presented at SecTalks BNE in September 2017 (slidedeck). Dependencies will then be installed and VHostScan will be added to your path. If there is an issue regarding running python3 setup.py build_ext, you will need to reinstall numpy using pip uninstall numpy and pip install numpy==1.12.0. This should resolve the issue as there are sometimes issues with numpy being installed through setup.py.

scout - 🔭 Lightweight URL fuzzer and spider: Discover a web server's undisclosed files, directories and VHOSTs

  •    Go

Scout is a URL fuzzer and spider for discovering undisclosed VHOSTS, files and directories on a web server. Filename to seek in the directory being searched. Useful when all directories report 404 status.

hawkeye - Hawkeye filesystem analysis tool

  •    Go

HawkEye is a simple tool to crawl the filesystem or a directory looking for interesting stuff like SSH Keys, Log Files, Sqlite Database, password files, etc. Hawkeye uses a fast filesystem crawler to look through files recursively and then sends them for analysis in real time and presents the data in both json format and simple console output. The tool is built with a modular approach making it easy to use and easily extensible. It can be used during pentests as a privilege escalation tool to look through the filesystem finding configuration files or ssh keys sometimes left by the sys-admins.

htb - Command-line client to interact with Hack The Box

  •    Rust

htb is a command-line client to Hack The Box. Also, the output can be sorted by id, name, rating or release date by providing the --sort option. Results can be sorted in descending order by providing the -x option.

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