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gulp-clean-css - Minify css with clean-css.

  •    Javascript

This is just a simple gulp plugin, which means it's nothing more than a thin wrapper around clean-css. If it looks like you are having CSS related issues, please contact clean-css. Only create a new issue if it looks like you're having a problem with the plugin itself. See the CleanCSS options.

gulp-add-src - Add more 'src' files at any point in the pipeline (gulp plugin)

  •    Javascript

Works like gulp.src, but you can put it anywhere in your pipeline and it will append the given files to the pipeline.If you want add SRC to begining of the SRC array, you can use addsrc.prepend. Or if you want to add SRC to end of the SRC array, you can use addsrc.append. Respectively instead of addsrc.

rev-del - :haircut: Delete old fingerprinted files

  •    Javascript

Delete old, unused fingerprinted files from a revision manifest generated by a module such as gulp-rev. The manifests can be either objects or paths to files. oldManifest defaults to "rev-manifest.json" (which is the default output for gulp-rev), and newManifest has no default; it's assumed that you've got it in memory, so it's more efficient to pass it in as an object.

gulp-raml2html - A simple RAML to HTML documentation generator, wrapped for Gulp.

  •    HTML

A simple gulp plugin to automate the process of generating HTML documentation based on a RAML API. If you have any difficulties with the output of this plugin, please use the raml2html tracker.

gulp-static-site - Gulp plugin to render static site

  •    Javascript

For now, have a look at the source for gulp-static-site and the Tree object you are operating on gulp-filetree/tree.js.

gulp-define-module - gulp.js plugin for creating modules

  •    Javascript

The gulp define module plugin produces modules from an input source. It allows other plugins to offload module definition to a separate plugin. For consistency, the input source should contain a single JavaScript expression and should not contain a trailing semicolon.

gulp-cjsx - gulp module for coffee-react transformations

  •    Javascript

The options object supports the same options as the standard CoffeeScript compiler. Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

phplint - Lightning fast concurrent PHP linting for Node.js, Grunt & Gulp!

  •    Javascript

phplint is a node wrapper around the native php linter that allows for parallel linting and integration with build systems like Grunt, Gulp and more. This module uses the cache-swap module to cache already linted files. You can configure the cache directories via the cacheDirName and the tmpDir options. Both options will be passed to the CacheSwap instance when created.

gulp-tictail - Gulp target for simplified Tictail theme creation.

  •    CoffeeScript

Gulp target for simplifying Tictail theme creation. Please note that this is beta quality software, some template tags are not yet implemented. Now hit http://localhost:5555/ to enjoy your own delightful theme development experience.

gulp-mamp - Gulp MAMP allows you to configure, start and stop your MAMP server from the terminal.

  •    Javascript

Gulp MAMP allows you to configure, start and stop your MAMP server from the terminal. Once you have your gulpfile.js file configged, you can run the following commands to config, start and stop MAMP.

amd-optimize - An AMD (RequireJS) optimizer that's stream-friendly. Made for gulp.

  •    CoffeeScript

This aims to be an alternative to the powerful r.js optimizer, but made for a streaming environment like gulp. This implementation doesn't operate on the file system directly. So, there's no need for complicated setups when dealing with precompiled files. Also, this module only focuses on tracing modules and does not intend replace a full-fletched build system. Therefore, there might be tons of use cases where r.js is a better fit. Supply a filepath (can be a glob) or a gulp stream to your config file that lists all your paths, shims and maps.

gulp-gm - Image manipulation with gm

  •    Javascript

Image manipulation with gm. Refer to gm's documentation for details. gulp-gm works best with GraphicsMagick. However, it also supports ImageMagick, but you'll need to set the option imageMagick: true.

gulp-ng-config - :wrench: Create AngularJS constants from a JSON config file

  •    Javascript

It's often useful to generate a file of constants, usually as environment variables, for your Angular apps. This Gulp plugin will allow you to provide an object of properties and will generate an Angular module of constants. We start with our task. Our source file is a JSON file containing our configuration. We will pipe this through gulpNgConfig and out will come an angular module of constants.

bower-main - Get bower main files in both normal and minimized formats (if available in package)

  •    Javascript

Made to be used with Gulp. Based on asset type, get bower main files as normal file names array and as minimized file names array. If no minified version is found for some files, these file names will be available as a 3rd array so you can minify them yourself. The order of the files is as set in bower.json. It uses main-bower-files, manipulates the result and checks for the availability of a minimized version (in the bower package).

gulp-s3-upload - A gulp task to upload/update assets to an S3 account.

  •    Javascript

Use for uploading assets to Amazon S3 servers. This helps to make it an easy gulp task. This package uses the aws-sdk (node).

gulp-svg-icons - Inserting SVG icons was never so easy.

  •    Javascript

Inserting SVG icons was never so easy. An string to use on every icon id (concatenated using "-") or a falsy value (false, null...) to avoid prefixes.

gulp-browserify - Bundle modules with BrowserifyJS

  •    Javascript

Make sure to pipe only entry points. Browserify will take care of other dependencies for you. Specifies a pipeline of functions (or module names) through which the browserified bundle will be run. Check out the list of transforms on node-browserify.

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