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generator-m-ionic - Advanced workflows and setup for building rock-solid Ionic apps

  •    Javascript

Advanced workflows for building rock-solid Ionic apps: develop, prototype, test, build and deliver high quality apps with Yeoman, Gulp, Bower, Angular, Cordova and of course Ionic. All in one sexy generator. Read more ...

generator-react-gulp-browserify - A Yeoman Generator for facebook's React library

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator for facebook's React library - Integrate with gulp and browserify. If you chose to use sass, you'll need to install it with gem install sass. If you find your css build results are empty, update your sass gem.

generator-jekyllized - A Yeoman generator for Jekyll to rapidly build sites using Gulp

  •    Javascript

generator-jekyllized is a very opinionated Yeoman generator built with Jekyll and gulp. You will be able to quickly scaffold your site and start developing. As you are working on your site your assets will automatically be updated and injected into your browser as well as your posts. When you are done developing and want to publish it you are two commands away from having everything optimized and published. While developing locally everything you change will automatically be updated and injected into your browser. Changing your SCSS or JavaScript files will automatically updated them, create sourcemaps and inject them. Writing or editing posts and pages for your website will do the same. Simple and effective.

generator-ng-poly - Yeoman generator for modular AngularJS apps with Gulp and optional Polymer support

  •    Javascript

Inspired by John Papa's Angular Style Guide and Todd Motto's AngularJS styleguide.This generator focuses on organizing Angular components by feature (home, about, video player, etc.) instead of by type (controller, service, directive, etc.) to encourage the development of self-contained, reusable components.

generator-webappstarter - Quick start a web app for mobile

  •    Javascript

Note: This generator is supporting a very early stage app,things gonna change very frequently,so please do not fork it or do any pull request. The App will automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size without any extra work.

generator-gulp-of-drano - Yeoman generator for an angular

  •    CoffeeScript

Yeoman generator for an angular.js site. CoffeeScript, stylus, jade, gulp.js. Bootstrap, angular-strap, nib, angular-ui-router. Heroku + s3 deployment tasks included.

generator-baumeister - Yeoman Generator for »Baumeister«

  •    Javascript

Using this generator will give you a solid base for your project in a matter of minutes. No matter if it’s a static website or a single page application.Please check the epic README of »Baumeister« to get detailed information about what it’s all about.

generator-playbook - A Yeoman generator for prototyping and building experiences.

  •    ApacheConf

Playbook is a Yeoman generator for prototyping and building experiences. Jekyll is included for static site generation. Bourbon, Neat & Bitters are included to help you write CSS faster. Gulp is used for compilation of Sass and CoffeeScript (optional). Bower is used for managing dependencies or Browserify for node modules with ES6 (optional).

generator-systemjs - Yeoman generator for SystemJS / ES6 / jspm / Angular / React

  •    Javascript

This project is the generator for the SystemJS Seed project and SystemJS Material Start ES6 project. Please see those projects for more details and examples.

generator-grail - Yeoman Generator for a modular One Page Application with Gulp, CoffeeScript, Stylus, Browserify, BrowserSync and Mocha

  •    CoffeeScript

My personal Holy Grail for quickly getting started with a sweet webdev environment. If you can't catch it, at least you can come close. Using/modifying it for over a year, haven't looked back. This will create a bare-bone webdev environment for a modular one page application. Check out the README.md for an app to see what you'll get and how it works.

generator-gulp-plugin - Yeoman generator for gulp plugins

  •    Javascript

A generator for Yeoman to generate gulp plugins. See the Writing a gulp plugin wiki page for guidelines and an example to get you started.

generator-aio-angular - All In One AngularJS generator(Material Design/Gulp/ui-router).

  •    Javascript

All In One Yeoman generator for AngularJS 1.3, using gulp and ui-router with material design, based on John Papa's generator-hottowel and angular-styleguide. Wanna use Webpack + ES6? Check the angular1-webpack-starter project.

generator-leaflet - Leaflet Yeoman Generator

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a very basic leaflet map application. This is what you get, after building the app Example Map Application (the header is optional). Moreover you can enable TopoJSON support and jQuery if you need it.

generator-browserify - A generator for Yeoman with Browserify

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator with Browserify and your choice of Foundation 5 or Bootstrap 3. Also features your choice of using gulp.js or grunt.js.

generator-phaser-browserify - A generator for Phaser using Gulp and Browserify

  •    Javascript

A Yeoman generator to generate HTML5 games with phaser using Gulp and Browserify. Built off the work by Julien Castelain on generator-phaser. Allows the use of browserify (i.e. var player = require('Player.js')) with Phaser. Check out this test game as an example of project layout / useage.

generator-gulp-angularfire - Yeoman generator for Gulp & Angularfire (Firebase)

  •    Javascript

generator-gulp-angularfire scaffolds an Angularfire application with a full-featured gulpfile.js, giving you immediate out-of-the-box access to all tasks for modern web development with Firebase. My intention is to create a generator that gives users total control over their development toolbox so they can immediately start projects with their preferred tools, such as specific UI frameworks or JavaScript preprocessors.

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