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NG6-starter - :ng: An AngularJS Starter repo for AngularJS + ES6 + Webpack by @AngularClass a @OneSpeed-io company

  •    Javascript

Check out the JSPM version--an alternative to Webpack as an ES6 build system.If you're looking for a preliminary Angular 2 build, please use the angular2-webpack-starter.

react-starterify - A minimal React JS application starter kit

  •    Javascript

A minimal React JS application starter kit. React Starterify aims to give you a good starting point for your projects. If you're looking for a minimal ES6 (ES2015) React JS starter with nice shallow rendering test examples, this is probably for you.

angular2-babel-esnext-starter - Angular development and testing examples with Babel in Javascript (ES6/ES7)

  •    Javascript

This repository shows development and testing techniques with Angular. The application is written in modern Javascript without Typescript. It can be ideal for those who are new to Angular and want to learn how things work and fiddle with Typescript later. It is a basic CRUD application with authentication, similar to the news site jslive.com. You can see the list of links, add and edit them after you signed in.

generator-webappstarter - Quick start a web app for mobile

  •    Javascript

Note: This generator is supporting a very early stage app,things gonna change very frequently,so please do not fork it or do any pull request. The App will automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size without any extra work.

Baumeister - The aim of this project is to help you to build your things

  •    CSS

For those already using Node, Gulp and stuff.The major dependency is Node.js including the Node.js package manager called »npm«. The other dependencies can be installed with npm.

generator-baumeister - Yeoman Generator for »Baumeister«

  •    Javascript

Using this generator will give you a solid base for your project in a matter of minutes. No matter if it’s a static website or a single page application.Please check the epic README of »Baumeister« to get detailed information about what it’s all about.

generator-playbook - A Yeoman generator for prototyping and building experiences.

  •    ApacheConf

Playbook is a Yeoman generator for prototyping and building experiences. Jekyll is included for static site generation. Bourbon, Neat & Bitters are included to help you write CSS faster. Gulp is used for compilation of Sass and CoffeeScript (optional). Bower is used for managing dependencies or Browserify for node modules with ES6 (optional).

generator-systemjs - Yeoman generator for SystemJS / ES6 / jspm / Angular / React

  •    Javascript

This project is the generator for the SystemJS Seed project and SystemJS Material Start ES6 project. Please see those projects for more details and examples.


  •    Javascript

Name of built-in formatter, formatter instance of formatter constructor function. Controls the output format of transpiler scripts. All built-in formatters are available as formatters property of required module require('gulp-es6-module-transpiler').formatters. Defaults to es6-module-transpiler default formatter.

gulp-rollup - gulp plugin for Rollup ES6 module bundler

  •    Javascript

This plugin allows gulp to populate a virtual filesystem and feed it to the Rollup ES6 module bundler. Note: This plugin is not appropriate for most use cases, as it requires every file expected to be imported by Rollup to be loaded into memory preemptively. rollup-stream is preferred for almost all purposes. If you want to transform/synthesize/alias/etc. the files Rollup processes, use Rollup plugins; if there's no Rollup plugin to do what you want, try the gulp-to-Rollup plugin adapter, rollup-plugin-gulp. If you really need to synthesize your files in gulp, go ahead and use gulp-rollup—that's what it's made for.

react-flux-gulp-starter - A universal boilerplate for building React/Flux apps using Gulp and ES6.

  •    Javascript

We don't always choose universal React, Flux and Gulp – but when we do, we clone this. Docker provides a way to run applications securely isolated in a container, packaged with all its dependencies and libraries. Because your application can always be run with the environment it expects right in the build image, testing and deployment is simpler than ever, as your build will be fully portable and ready to run as designed in any environment. And because containers are lightweight and run without the extra load of a hypervisor, you can run many applications that all rely on different libraries and environments on a single kernel, each one never interfering with the other. This allows you to get more out of your hardware by shifting the “unit of scale” for your application from a virtual or physical machine, to a container instance.

es6-jspm-gulp-boilerplate - Boilerplate for ES6+ apps using JSPM & Gulp

  •    Javascript

A boilerplate for developing ES6+ apps using JSPM & Gulp. JSPM is an all-in-one command line tool for package management, module loading and transpilation. Read more about it here and here.

modernWebDevBuild - An opinionated Modern Web Development build

  •    Javascript

A modern build for Web development. ModernWebDevBuild abstracts away all the build pipeline boilerplate. Use it if you're not willing to dive too deep in the boring details of how to setup a proper build chain that takes care of transpiling, minifying, optimizing images and whatnot for production.

modernWebDevGenerator - A Yeoman generator for Modern Web development projects

  •    Javascript

ModernWebDevGenerator is a Yeoman generator that will help you quickly get up and running with ModernWebDevBuild. Projects created with this Yeoman Generator will be able to directly leverage the awesome Gulp-based build provided by the ModernWebDevBuild project, which includes many tasks and features out of the box (e.g., transpilation of TypeScript/ES2015 to ES5, SASS transpilation to CSS, Minification, Bundling, Code quality & code style checks, Sourcemaps, support for unit testing, ...).

gulpman - Component Oriented Front-End Build and Develop Solution, based on gulp

  •    Javascript

If gulp-sass install failed, please run cnpm install gulp-sass gulp-imagemin by manual to fix that.

babel-plugin-ui5 - An UNOFFICIAL experimental Babel transformer plugin for SAP UI5

  •    Javascript

An UNOFFICIAL experimental Babel transformer plugin for SAP UI5. It allows you to develop SAP UI5 applications by using the latest ES6, including new syntax and objective oriented programming technology. Currently this version only supports Babel 6.

minimalES6-v01 - A minimal website that would be required to run ES6 type code. version 1

  •    Javascript

A minimal website that would be required to run ES6 type code. There are two ways to use this repository.

javascript-package-boilerplate - Boilerplate for developing javascript packages

  •    Javascript

Boilerplate for developing javascript packages. Execute js-pb -h for more information.