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NG6-starter - :ng: An AngularJS Starter repo for AngularJS + ES6 + Webpack by @AngularClass a @OneSpeed-io company

  •    Javascript

Check out the JSPM version--an alternative to Webpack as an ES6 build system.If you're looking for a preliminary Angular 2 build, please use the angular2-webpack-starter.

generator-m-ionic - Advanced workflows and setup for building rock-solid Ionic apps

  •    Javascript

Advanced workflows for building rock-solid Ionic apps: develop, prototype, test, build and deliver high quality apps with Yeoman, Gulp, Bower, Angular, Cordova and of course Ionic. All in one sexy generator. Read more ...

angularjs-gulp-browserify-boilerplate - Boilerplate using AngularJS, SASS, Gulp, and Browserify and utilizing best practices

  •    Javascript

❗️ Warning: This boilerplate is no longer maintained and I would not recommend starting a new project with it. A boilerplate using AngularJS, SASS, Gulp, and Browserify that also utilizes these best AngularJS practices and Gulp best practices from this resource.

angular2-babel-esnext-starter - Angular development and testing examples with Babel in Javascript (ES6/ES7)

  •    Javascript

This repository shows development and testing techniques with Angular. The application is written in modern Javascript without Typescript. It can be ideal for those who are new to Angular and want to learn how things work and fiddle with Typescript later. It is a basic CRUD application with authentication, similar to the news site jslive.com. You can see the list of links, add and edit them after you signed in.

angular-starter - :star: Gulp Angular Starter using TypeScript (Updated to 4.4.3)

  •    Javascript

Welcome to Angular Starter! This starter contains almost everything you need to start developing Angular 2. Please visit the wiki for more details.

gulp-angular-templatecache - Concatenates and registers AngularJS templates in the $templateCache.

  •    Javascript

Concatenates and registers AngularJS templates in the $templateCache. Concatenate the contents of all .html-files in the templates directory and save to public/templates.js (default filename).

generator-ng-poly - Yeoman generator for modular AngularJS apps with Gulp and optional Polymer support

  •    Javascript

Inspired by John Papa's Angular Style Guide and Todd Motto's AngularJS styleguide.This generator focuses on organizing Angular components by feature (home, about, video player, etc.) instead of by type (controller, service, directive, etc.) to encourage the development of self-contained, reusable components.

generator-gulp-of-drano - Yeoman generator for an angular

  •    CoffeeScript

Yeoman generator for an angular.js site. CoffeeScript, stylus, jade, gulp.js. Bootstrap, angular-strap, nib, angular-ui-router. Heroku + s3 deployment tasks included.

reStart-angularjs - Responsive (mobile first) boilerplate single-page app in AngularJS.

  •    CSS

A mobile-first, responsive boilerplate in AngularJS with all basic features needed to get a scalable single page application started.Currently supports modern browsers and IE9+. This boilerplate will attempt to stay in sync with latest AngularJS stable releases, so the browser support may change over time.

angularjs-ee-boilerplate - angularjs enterprise edition boilerplate

  •    Javascript

English is the universal language nowadays, so please don't create or comment on issues using another language.

Exceptionless.JavaScript - Exceptionless JavaScript client

  •    TypeScript

You can install Exceptionless.js either in your browser application using Bower or a script tag, or you can use the Node Package Manager (npm) to install the Node.js package.In either case, we recommend placing the script tag at the very beginning of your page.

patternlab-node-angular-example - An example of Pattern Lab Node running Angular Components

  •    Javascript

Yes this example is a bit contrived and reductive, but it is aimed to demonstrate that the two technologies are not wholesale blanket do-you-speak-to-your-mother-with-that-mouth incompatible. For best instructions, I suggest you read through the gulp edition docs.

generator-systemjs - Yeoman generator for SystemJS / ES6 / jspm / Angular / React

  •    Javascript

This project is the generator for the SystemJS Seed project and SystemJS Material Start ES6 project. Please see those projects for more details and examples.

bendystraw - a set of Gulp tasks for developing and deploying JS apps.

  •    Javascript

Some features include Babel & CoffeeScript support, Angular specific features, Browersync development, multiple app environments, GitHub changelog and release creation, AWS deployment, Slack integration, and more. NOTE: gulp scaffold will generate an index.html file. This shows how bendystraw uses gulp-inject and gulp-useref to inject your app's javascript and create bundles. Make sure to change the paths in the file if you've overridden the defaults. Read more about it on the wiki.

generator-aio-angular - All In One AngularJS generator(Material Design/Gulp/ui-router).

  •    Javascript

All In One Yeoman generator for AngularJS 1.3, using gulp and ui-router with material design, based on John Papa's generator-hottowel and angular-styleguide. Wanna use Webpack + ES6? Check the angular1-webpack-starter project.

ReadingBuddies - SPA and REST API demo that aggregates the book reviews of multiple Goodreads users

  •    Javascript

A simple SPA and REST API demo that aggregates the book reviews of multiple Goodreads users. The project is comprised of an Angular SPA, Express REST API, and Gulp build process.

gulp-concat-util - Gulp task to concat, prepend, append or transform files

  •    Javascript

Gulp task to concat, prepend, append or transform files. This implementation is relatively closes to the original gulp-concat plugin.

gulp-nginclude - Gulp task for embedding AngularJS static ngInclude elements

  •    Javascript

Gulp task for embedding AngularJS static ngInclude elements. Trim included templates.