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phphub5 - PHPHub Ver 5 is a Forum project Powered by Laravel 5

  •    PHP

PHPHub Ver 5 is a Forum project Powered by Laravel 5.1, and it is also the project build up PHP & Laravel China community (此项目已弃用)


  •    PHP

Source Code of the https://news.laravel-china.org/ website, build on top of Laravel 5.1. Laravel 资讯网站源代码,使用 Laravel 5.1 构建

phulp - The task manager for php

  •    PHP

Sometimes I need a tool like Gulp for my PHP projects, but I don't want to install npm only to install Gulp. I thought "I need something like Gulp, but in PHP". After a little research I found Phing, but it's not focused in minification and management for CSS/JS and related frontend stuff. Well, I decided to write Phulp, the PHP port of Gulp! And a little curiosity: it's faster than Gulp.

npm-pipeline-rails - Use npm as part of your Rails asset pipeline

  •    Ruby

See § How it Works for an explanation of the diagram above.Rails 5.1 will be adding official support for Webpack via webpacker. In contrast, npm-pipeline-rails is far less opinionated and more flexible than webpacker, but expect better support from using Rails's official integration.

tasking-manager - Tasking Manager 3 code, issues, documentation and fun

  •    Python

The app is split into a Client (AngularJS) and Server (Python) structure. Each can be developed independently of each other. See below for instructions on how to set up your deve environment. If you plan to do client development you can run the app using gulp, without having to worry too much about the server. If you want to point the client at a non-local API (e.g. a staging environment), you'll have to change the environment config for development in client/taskingmanager.config.json.

frango - Django and Gulp - Frango, a FRontend and backend djANGO project template

  •    Python

Now frontend and backend will not live togheter anymore. Frango use by default Gulp to automate your frontend tasks, creating a familiar enviroment for frontend developers who works with Django as backend framework. Frango come with a django frontend app witch will suport you with several features, like management command to run developement server wich will manage a BrowserSync process for you and some helpfull templatetags.

slim-angular - A raw web stack based on Angular, Bootstrap and Slim Framework

  •    PHP

All these packages have repositories or easy-to-use installers, so please refer to their documentations to know how to get it. If you have Docker installed, you don't have to install nodejs and npm. Replace [my-app-name] with the desired directory name for your new application. If Composer asks you about removing VCS directories, answer 'Yes' as you'll want to work in your own repository. Once the PHP packages installation is over, you'll need to install npm packages.

cover2 - A content-driven blogging theme for WordPress. Successor to the Cover theme.

  •    PHP

Cover2 is a content-driven blogging theme for WordPress. Built on top of Automattic's Underscores, Cover2 allows you to focus on your writing. There are no sidebars to mess with, just a single column view of your content. When you use a featured image, it displays as a full-screen background image behind the title.

awps - A Modern WordPress Starter Theme for savvy Developers

  •    PHP

This theme relies on NPM and Composer in order to load dependencies and packages. Webpack should always be running and watching during the development process, in order to properly compile and update files.

flask-gulp-starter-kit - Minimal boilerplate/starter project for Flask 0

  •    Python

Minimal boilerplate/starter project for Flask 0.11 with Gulp for managing frontend assets.

frontend-bundle - A modern frontend development workflow for Symfony apps

  •    PHP

A modern frontend development workflow for Symfony apps. This project is deprecated. Use Webpack Encore instead.

sublime-gulp - Run Gulp tasks and use snippets from Sublime Text

  •    Python

A plugin to run your Gulp tasks from within Sublime plus some handy snippets too. If you have PackageControl installed, you can use it to install the package.