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Monkey Fuzz Testing

  •    CSharp

Monkey Fuzz stress tests an applications User Interface. It pretends to be a "monkey" on the keyboard, sending random button press and mouse events to a program. It is developed in C#

TFS Guides


TFS Guides is for all the TFS users. For beginers, the guides will help to have an easy start using the basic functionality, and for more advanced users, the guides will provide help for the advanced functionality of the Team System.

react-test-buffet - An all-you-can-eat buffet of React TDD

  •    Javascript

Running npm start will spin up a Docker container that will install the npm packages and start a Webpack dev server with hot reloading. Changes to the source code on the host will be reflected inside the container. Having the app in the container removes the need for devs to install Node and the npm packages on their machines. This in turn makes it very easy to get rid of problems where developers get out of sync with the Node version or have stale packages installed. If you need to stop/restart the container you can use npm stop. Given that you don't change the package.json file, the npm packages will be cached next time you start the container.

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