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dash - Interactive, Reactive Web Apps for Python. Dash Is Productive™

  •    Python

Build on top of Plotly.js, React, and Flask, Dash ties modern UI elements like dropdowns, sliders, and graphs directly to your analytical python code. Here’s a 43-line example of a Dash App that ties a Dropdown to a D3.js Plotly Graph. As the user selects a value in the Dropdown, the application code dynamically exports data from Google Finance into a Pandas DataFrame. This app was written in just 43 lines of code (view the source).

qt - Qt binding for Go (Golang) with support for Windows / macOS / Linux / Android / iOS / Sailfish OS / Raspberry Pi / AsteroidOS / Ubuntu Touch / JavaScript

  •    Go

Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is used for developing application software that can be run on various software and hardware platforms with little or no change in the underlying codebase. Go (often referred to as golang) is a programming language created at Google.

SciterSharp - Port of Sciter headers for the C# language (+ WPF and Windows Forms support) (+ Windows, Linux, OSX = cross-platform)

  •    CSharp

This library provides bindings of Sciter C/C++ headers to the C# language. Sciter is a multi-platform HTML engine. With this library you can create C#/.NET desktop applications using not just HTML, but all the features of Sciter: CSS3, SVG, scripting, AJAX, <video>, ... Sciter is free for commercial use. If you want to use SciterSharp in a commercial product you should acquire a commercial license.The source is made portable to work in Windows, Linux/GTK+3/Mono and OSX/Mono.

pyface - pyface: traits-capable windowing framework

  •    Python

The pyface project contains a toolkit-independent GUI abstraction layer, which is used to support the "visualization" features of the Traits package. Thus, you can write code in terms of the Traits API (views, items, editors, etc.), and let pyface and your selected toolkit and back-end take care of the details of displaying them.