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[GW]ammu - Talk to any phone

  •    C

Gammu and Wammu provides support to talk to any phone using standard API provided by libGammu. The most popular and widely used in various phones which includes Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Alcatel. It provides support to send and receive SMS and MMS, Calendar, Contacts, backup SMS etc.

blynk-library - Blynk library for embedded hardware

  •    C++

Blynk provides iOS and Android apps to control any hardware over the Internet or directly using Bluetooth. You can easily build graphic interfaces for all your projects by simply dragging and dropping widgets, right on your smartphone. Blynk is the most popular IoT platform used by design studios, makers, educators, and equipment vendors all over the world. Please find examples on how to use different types of connections (transports) and how to do make something great with Blynk. You can easily apply any type of board/connection to all examples.

Gnokii - Communicates with mobile phones

  •    C

Gnokii is a suite of programs for communicating with mobile phones. It was initially only available for Nokia mobile phones, but later extended to support others. It is available for Linux, BSD unix, Windows and Mac OS X and as source code.

SMSLib - Java SMS library

  •    Java

SMSLib is a Java library which allows you to send/receive SMS messages via a compatible GSM modem or GSM phone. SMSLib also supports some bulk sms operators (for outbound messaging only).

playSMS - PHP based SMS Gateway

  •    PHP

playSMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that it can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, corporate and group communication tools.

SMSj - Java SMS library

  •    Java

This library allows you to send SMSes (GSM) from the Java platform. It gives you full control over the SMS including the UDH field so you can create and send EMS messages, WAP push messages and nokia smart messages (picture, ringtone etc). The API can send SMS by using a GSM phone connected to the serial port or via a SMS gateway (like Clickatell).

GSM Contactor


Programs and Schematics for sending a Short Message Service (SMS) from a computer.

Phone Manager


Phone Manager makes it easier for users mobile phone to Manager PhoneBook, SMS and other features. It's developed in .NET 2.0 Framework with c#. Included in this project components: GSM Modem, custom SystemTray and custom Taskbar Notifier

bscoords - Get location based on (MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID) using Google, Yandex, OpenCellID and Mozilla Location Service

  •    CoffeeScript

Library to get location from cellural networks information (MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID) using Google location services, Yandex location services, OpenCellID, Mylnikov Geo and Mozilla Location Service. netType applies only to Mozilla Location Service. If netType is not set then 'gsm' is used.

arduino - Arduino-compatible MCU code for sensor and telemetry nodes

  •    C++

You might want to continue reading on our documentation space, all inline links will be working there. All Arduino Core based firmware source code is living here. We support different hardware, so there are different flavors of the firmware, reflected by the directory naming convention <purpose>-<transport>-<protocol>.

terkin-datalogger - Terkin-Datalogger for MicroPython and CPython

  •    Python

Data logging for humans, written in MicroPython. Terkin is a flexible data logger application for MicroPython and CPython environments. It provides a lot of sensor-, networking- and telemetry-connectivity options.

sms - API server to send SMS using GSM modem. Written in Go

  •    Go

sms is a web server which connects to your gsm modem via COM port and exposes http API to send messages.

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