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greenlet - 🦎 Move an async function into its own thread.

  •    Javascript

Move an async function into its own thread. A simplified single-function version of workerize.

state-threads - Fork from http://sourceforge.net/projects/state-threads, patched for SRS.

  •    C

For SRS, ST is patched for ARM/VALGRIND, please checkout the ST srs branch. The State Threads library is a derivative of the Netscape Portable Runtime library (NSPR) and therefore is distributed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) version 1.1 or the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

python-fibers - Lightweight cooperative microthreads for Python

  •    C

Fibers are lightweight primitives for cooperative multitasking in Python. They provide means for running pieces of code that can be paused and resumed. Unlike threads, which are preemptively scheduled, fibers are scheduled cooperatively, that is, only one fiber will be running at a given point in time, and no other fiber will run until the user explicitly decides so. When a fiber is created it will not run automatically. A fiber must be 'switched' into for it to run. Fibers can switch control to other fibers by way of the switch or throw functions, which switch control or raise and exception in the target fiber respectively.

greenado - Greenlet-based pseudo-synchronous coroutines for tornado

  •    Python

Greenado is a utility library that provides greenlet-based coroutines for tornado. In tornado, coroutines allow you to perform asynchronous operations without using callbacks, providing a pseudo-synchronous flow in your functions. When using Tornado's :func:`@gen.coroutine <tornado.gen.coroutine>` in a large codebase, you will notice that they tend to be 'infectious' from the bottom up. In other words, for them to be truly useful, callers of the coroutine should 'yield' to them, which requires them to be a coroutine. In turn, their callers need to 'yield', and so on.

gtools - gevent tools

  •    Python

The standard python pdb module blocks all greenlets at the pdb prompt (unlike a threaded app). If you want your greenlets to run in the background you can use gtools.pdb instead. It can be used like the standard pdb.

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