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GRDB.swift - A toolkit for SQLite databases, with a focus on application development

  •    Swift

Follow @groue on Twitter for release announcements and usage tips. GRDB provides raw access to SQL and advanced SQLite features, because one sometimes enjoys a sharp tool. It has robust concurrency primitives, so that multi-threaded applications can efficiently use their databases. It grants your application models with persistence and fetching methods, so that you don't have to deal with SQL and raw database rows when you don't want to.

RxGRDB - Reactive extensions for SQLite

  •    Swift

To connect to the database and define the tracked requests, please refer to GRDB, the database library that supports RxGRDB.

GRDBDemo - An iOS app that demonstrates the SQLite library GRDB and its FetchedRecordsController

  •    Swift

This repository contains an iOS application that uses the SQLite library GRDB.swift. It displays a simple Hall of Fame of people sorted by score, and demonstrates how the FetchedRecordsController class can populate a table view, and automatically update its contents when the database is modified.

GRDBObjc - FMDB-compatible bindings to GRDB.swift

  •    Objective-C

GRDBObjc helps Objective-C applications that use SQLite replace FMDB with GRDB, at minimal cost. Follow @groue on Twitter for release announcements and usage tips.

WWDCCompanion - A demo app for full text search with GRDB.swift

  •    Swift

This Swift 3 application stores, displays, and lets the user search the WWDC 2017 sessions.