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draft - Generate High Level Cloud Architecture diagrams using YAML syntax.

  •    Go

A commandline tool that generate High Level microservice & serverless Architecture diagrams using a declarative syntax defined in a YAML file. I prefer to think in terms of capabilities rather than specific vendor services.

GraphvizWebEditor - Online editor for Graphviz DOT files.

  •    PHP

A GraphViz editor, which is live on graphviz.herokuapp.com. To install this app yourself, you first need to clone the git repo. If you clone the git repo on Github you should substitute the repo URL with your own.

contentful-graph - Visual representation of contentful content models in form of graphs

  •    Javascript

If you plan to render the graph as image or PDF, make sure you have graphviz installed on your system. The library is using async/await functions, so you need the latest 7 or 8 versions.

vuo - Vuo (http://vuo.org) is a realtime visual programming language for interactive media.

  •    C++

These instructions are for building Vuo Base, Vuo Compiler, Vuo Renderer, Vuo Runtime, and the built-in Vuo Nodes and Types from source code. Vuo's source code is available so you can learn about how Vuo works, tinker with it, and maybe even help develop Vuo.

terraform-graph-beautifier - Terraform graph beautifier

  •    Go

Command line tool allowing to convert the barely usable output of the terraform graph command to something more meaningful and explanatory. As a rule of thumb, --embed-modules=true works well for small to medium size graphs but for larger ones it can produce a very dense and compact result with a lot of overlapping nodes and intersecting edges.

yml2dot - Turn YAML into beautiful Graph

  •    Go

Generates a dot script for Graphviz. Use the -from and -to flags to mark your YAML block.

lsif-test - Language Server Index Format Test Utilities

  •    Go

Resulting binary should then be in your $GOPATH/bin (conventionally $HOME/go/bin), so make sure thats in your $PATH or else invoke using absolute/relative location.

graphviz.vim - :christmas_tree: A Vim graphviz plugin

  •    Vim

An almost completely-rewritten fork of wmgraphviz.vim. Note: The command :Graphviz only exists when you open a .gv or .dot file.

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