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react-trend - 📈 Simple, elegant spark lines

  •    Javascript

These are very simple and elegant visualizations, and they should not require a bloated graphing library to produce. React Trend is a concrete component that does 1 thing, and does it well: generate these trending graphs.

netdata - Real-time performance monitoring, done right! https://www.netdata.cloud

  •    C

Netdata's distributed, real-time monitoring Agent collects thousands of metrics from systems, hardware, containers, and applications with zero configuration. It runs permanently on all your physical/virtual servers, containers, cloud deployments, and edge/IoT devices, and is perfectly safe to install on your systems mid-incident without any preparation. You can install Netdata on most Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and more), container platforms (Kubernetes clusters, Docker), and many other operating systems (FreeBSD, macOS). No sudo required.

lavacharts - Lavacharts is a graphing / charting library for PHP 5

  •    PHP

Lavacharts is a graphing / chart library for PHP5.4+ that wraps the Google Chart API. To integrate Lavacharts into Laravel, a ServiceProvider has been included.



Force plot is a user friendly graphing calculator which uses brute-force computing. It can plot difficult equations that many popular programs cannot plot.



.NET graph operations library (PROTOTYPE)

metriks - [UNMAINTAINED] A lightweight server graphing framework

  •    Javascript

I might revisit this hobby project in the future, but I currently do not have time to maintain this. metriks.io is a time-series graphing tool that runs on servers. if you can output a number, metriks will create a beautiful graph for you. it builds on top of 'ancient' rrdtool which has proven to work well in production. metriks tries to limit infrastructural dependencies and features in order to provide a robust and pleasant experience for simple graphing needs.

chernoff-faces - Multivariate data visualization using D3.js and React.js

  •    Javascript

This project is about exploring Chernoff faces. Imagine visually comparing election results as they're rolling in on election day. You want to see how things like voter turnout, dem-to-repub ratio, votes counted, etc compare across a few select states. There are a number of separate categories (states) and lots of variables for each one, each with their own range of possible values.

react-chart-editor - Customizable React-based editor panel for Plotly charts

  •    Javascript

Customizable React-based editor panel for Plotly charts, Part of Plotly's React Component Suite for building data visualization Web apps and products. Check out the live demo here.

react-plotly.js - A plotly.js React component from Plotly 📈

  •    Javascript

A plotly.js React component from Plotly. The basis of Plotly's React component suite. This is a "dumb" component that doesn't merge its internal state with any updates. This means that if a user interacts with the plot, by zooming or panning for example, any subsequent re-renders will lose this information unless it is captured and upstreamed via the onUpdate callback prop.

mizani - A scales package for python

  •    Python

Mizani is a scales package for graphics. It is written in Python and is based on Hadley Wickham's Scales. For how to use it in a graphics system, see the documentation.

beekeeper - Beekeeper is a Customizable, RealTime Graphing Dashboard built on MongoDB and cube.

  •    Javascript

Beekeeper is a Customizable, Realtime Graphing built on MongoDB and cube. It is available under the GPL V3 License. Beekeeper is also stable, scalable, and has been tested on a production environment for months without any notable issue.

promxy - An aggregating HTTP proxy to enable HA prometheus

  •    Go

Promxy is a prometheus proxy that makes many shards of prometheus appear as a single API endpoint to the user. This significantly simplifies operations and use of prometheus at scale (when you have more than one prometheus host). Promxy delivers this unified access endpoint without requiring any sidecars, custom-builds, or other changes to your prometheus infrastructure. Short version: Prometheus itself provides no real HA/clustering support. As such the best-practice is to run multiple (e.g N) hosts with the same config. Similarly prometheus has no real built-in query federation, which means that you end up with N sources in grafana that is (1) confusing grafana users and (2) no support for aggregation across the sources. Promxy enables an HA prometheus setup by "merging" the data from the duplicate hosts (so if there is a gap in one, promxy will fill with the other). In addition Promxy provides a single datasource for all promql queries -- meaning your grafana can have a single source and you can have globally aggregated promql queries.

orca - Command line application for generating static images of interactive plotly charts

  •    Javascript

Orca is an Electron app that generates images and reports of Plotly things like plotly.js graphs, dash apps, dashboards from the command line. Additionally, Orca is the backbone of Plotly's Image Server. Orca is also an acronym for Open-source Report Creator App. Visit plot.ly to learn more or visit the Plotly forum.

graphing-library-docs - Plotly's graphing libraries documentation.

  •    Jupyter

Plotly welcomes contributions to its open-source graphing libraries documentation from its community of users. Plotly's graphing libraries documentation index page at https://plotly.com/graphing-libraries.

chart_js - 📈📊📉 A simple ruby DSL to build responsive charts for the web using Chart.js

  •    Ruby

Chart JS is a simple yet flexible JavaScript charting library. This gem is a Ruby Domain Specific Language which allows you to easily build charts without touching a single line of JavaScript or HTML. A simple example to generate a static html file.

gral - Free Java library for displaying plots

  •    Java

GRAL is a free Java library for displaying plots (graphs, diagrams, and charts). The acronym GRAL simply stands for GRAphing Library. GRAL is looking for a new maintainer. If you are interested, please contact dev@erichseifert.de.

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