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pix2code - pix2code: Generating Code from a Graphical User Interface Screenshot

  •    Python

Transforming a graphical user interface screenshot created by a designer into computer code is a typical task conducted by a developer in order to build customized software, websites, and mobile applications. In this paper, we show that deep learning methods can be leveraged to train a model end-to-end to automatically generate code from a single input image with over 77% of accuracy for three different platforms (i.e. iOS, Android and web-based technologies). The following software is shared for educational purposes only. The author and its affiliated institution are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any damages, including any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a result of the use or inability to use this software.

lvgl - Graphics library to create embedded GUI with easy-to-use graphical elements, beautiful visual effects and low memory footprint

  •    C

You can test the graphics library in a PC simulator, if you don't have an embedded hardware. The simulator uses SDL2 library to emulate a display on your monitor and a touch pad with your mouse.

EasyGUI - Easy GUI for microcontrollers

  •    C

EasyGUI is lightweight, in general platform independent but highly optimized for STM32 Chrom-ART DMA2D peripherals for drawing operations.

Apricot - Desktop Mascot for Windows

  •    CSharp

This repository contains Apricot implementation for Windows. Apricot is a desktop mascot who reads RSS/Atom news feeds and add comments on the news one by one. Inspired by fed news articles, a character speaks to you in a way that human beings never can. Please see http://www.kawatan.net/ for more information.